Welcome to Premier Guitars based in Sydney, NSW, Australia

PREMIER GUITARS specialises in sales of high quality acoustic and electric guitars, basses, other stringed instruments & amps. We are a commission based sales agency and secure storage facility based in northern Sydney. We charge 20% commission on sales and guarantee to pay owners within 30 days.  We have a comfortable showroom where clients can inspect and play any instrument by appointment. And we can even make you a decent cup of coffee !

Every item on our website is for sale, and we stock quality instruments from $500 up to some very fine vintage and collectable pieces. Premier Guitars provides a broking service for guitar owners to offer their instruments for sale on a consignment basis to a large and growing database of potential buyers.

If you do not wish to offer your instrument for sale, Premier Guitars can store your equipment in our modern premises with climate control & state of the art security for a very affordable monthly fee. Please see the Storage Page for details.

All inspections are by appointment only so please browse the regularly updated instruments in stock and contact us to arrange an appointment to inspect.   Phone:  0414 994 506     or     Email:  sales@premierguitars.com.au

If you wish to sell, or are looking to buy something acoustic, electric, unique, interesting, exceptional, collectible, rare, retro, cool, vintage, classic, or just weird & wonderful, then Premier Guitars will probably have it in stock or know where to find it.

How it works

If you are a fellow musician, investor, collector, buyer or seller, we can assist you in the following ways.

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Why use Premier Guitars

We have large and growing database of buyers and collectors who receive regular updates from us, and we receive a consistently increasing number of visits to our website each week.

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If you do not wish to offer your instrument for sale, Premier Guitars can store your instrument in safe and secure conditions for a very affordable monthly fee.

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