If you are a fellow musician, investor, collector, buyer or seller, we can assist you in the following ways –

We have a large contact base of potential buyers of quality guitars. So we can offer your instrument for sale to well qualified buyers at a price determined by you. All instruments advertised for sale are on a consignment basis.

How It Works – Consignment Sales:

  1. Contact us via phone or email & let’s discuss what you wish to sell
  2. Make an appointment to bring the instrument/s to Premier Guitars for inspection & appraisal.
  3. Complete a Consignment Agreement with detailed item description.
  4. Premier Guitars will then undertake substantial price research and discuss with you where we think the instrument should be priced. It is our policy that the owner may determine the price at which the instrument is listed.
  5. The instrument is then listed on our website at the agreed selling price.
  6. Your instrument remains in our secure premises & exclusively for sale by Premier Guitars for a minimum of six months, which may be extended by mutual agreement.
  7. The Seller remains the owner of the Merchandise until it is sold.
  8. If your instrument sells, commission payable to Premier Guitars is a minimum of $400 (inclusive of GST) or 20% + GST = 22% of sale price (whichever is higher).
  9. We have a sliding scale commission for items over $50,000. This scale can be explained on request.
  10. We guarantee to pay the seller the sale price minus commission within 30 days of the buyer’s funds being cleared.

Example Scenario –

  • Premier Guitars selling price $2000
  • Agreed minimum price to seller $1560  
  • Premier Guitars selling commission $440 (20% + GST = 22% of selling price)
  • Exclusive Consignment Agreement valid for six months
  • Premier Guitars pays you $1560 within 30 days of funds being cleared

Please refer to our Consignment Policy.

If you are interested in selling through Premier Guitars, just call us on 0414 994 506 to discuss your instrument. It does not necessarily have to be old or vintage, as long as it is of good quality, in good condition and realistically priced. We have set up a comfortable small showroom for inspections by appointment.

If you are a buyer looking for something special, unique, interesting, exceptional, collectible, rare, retro, cool, classic, vintage or just weird & wonderful, we will probably have it in stock or know where to find it.

We offer safe storage for your valuable instruments in a security building with 24/7 monitoring and climate control. Please see our Storage page.

We are a Licensed Second Hand Dealer, so you can rest assured that you are dealing with a reputable ethical company. Every instrument is listed with a detailed description and provenance provided by the seller on a Consignment Agreement, which is a legal document that protects the seller’ ownership of the instrument until such time as it is sold.