SOLD - Fender Tweed Deluxe Amp 5D3 – USA 1955

by Fender

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The Fender Deluxe amp of the 1950s was a medium-powered unit designed to let guitarists hold their own in a small group. As blues, western swing, Western, and rockabilly bands began getting louder, the overdriven tone of a cranked-up Deluxe found its way onto many live and recorded performances.

At the time, Leo Fender produced amplifiers with the intention of having the amplifier stay clean even at high volumes. The Tweed Deluxe is not known for producing a clean tone at high volumes, and as such, was regarded as being an intermediate amplifier. The saturated tone this amplifier produces at higher volumes is the reason why it is one of the more famous amplifiers Fender ever produced. It is part of the signature tone for many musicians, a few notable examples being Larry Carlton, Don Felder, Billy Gibbons and Neil Young.

The Deluxe has a 5Y3-GT rectifier, 2 6V6-GT power tubes operating in push-pull mode, and a 12AY7 and a 12AX7 in the preamp. The output is rated at about 15 watts.

We believe this vintage 1955 Fender Deluxe amp has the 5D3 circuit. Of course it is completely hand-wired and constructed using point to point circuitry.

The letters on the tube chart are “EA” which places its build at January 1955

This one has had its original transformer rewound for 240 volts, so no stepdown transformer required in Oz.

The speaker appears to be original to the amp. It is a Jensen Jensen 12” model P12R, serial # 220451 which dates it to December 1954

Original tweed covering is in very good condition for its age.

Leather handle is correct for the model but is likely a later replacement.


Overview –

Serial #: 3712

Power Output: approximately 15 Watts
Tubes: 5Y3, 6V6 (2), 12AX7 (2)
Controls: Mic Vol, Inst Vol, Tone
Dimensions: 18'' x 16.5'' x 9''
Weight: 22 lbs

This Tweed Deluxe is a little beauty. It has a deep woody clean tone that quickly turns into a thick harmonically rich overdrive. It's perfect for crunchy chords or singing blues leads, with natural compression and a dynamic overdrive tone.

This is a fine example of one of the most iconic Fender amps ever built – the tweed 5D3 Deluxe. It is in great condition - rock solid and reliable. And it sounds like an old Deluxe should – raw, nasty, greasy and complex. 


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