SOLD - Vintage Fender Brownface Pro Amp – USA 1961

by Fender

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This is lovely 1961 Fender Pro Amp in excellent condition - an immaculate vintage combo amplifier from Fender's Pre-CBS "Brownface" era. This amp delivers 40 powerful, articulate all-tube watts through a single Fender branded CTS 15" ceramic speaker.

The Pro Amp boasts Fender's unique "Harmonic Vibrato" circuit, and this complex design was Fender's only true pitch shifting vibrato offered in an amp. Swampy, thick, and very Leslie-esque, it's a three dimensional, full bodied tone unlike any other Fender vibrato.

This Pro has a very warm and nuanced sound, with just enough clean headroom before pushing into saturated overdrive. The circuit offers EQ controls that have a very wide sweep for everything from classic hollow twang to warm, sweet sounds that will delight any jazz or blues player.

The hand wired circuit board appears to be untouched apart from the necessary replacement of the main filter capacitors – internal pics to come.

The power transformer has been rewound to operate on 240 volts so no stepdown transformer is required for use in Australia. This work was done before the amp’s current owner purchased it in 2005.

In the preamp, the amp retains its original blue Ajax tone capacitors, which are extremely musical sounding and a crucial part of the magic in Fender's Pre-CBS preamps. 

This amp features a pair of vintage 6L6GCs as well as a combination of newer and vintage preamp valves. The tube chart is there but has some bits missing.

Cosmetically, this Pro is as pretty much as good as they come as they come. The original rough brown tolex and wheat grillcloth are present and both the faceplate and backplate are in remarkably clean condition. The original flat Fender logo, sphinx glides (feet), brown barrel knobs, and nickel corners are present, and even the original "dogbone" handle is present and accounted for.

This amp delivers sweet, dynamic clean tones with incredible sparkle and a certain high fidelity clarity that is noticeable as soon as you strum your first chord. Turn the amp up past 5 and she starts to smoothly overdrive with just the right amount of bite and the complex midrange bark that makes Fender's Brownface amps the perfect middle ground between the growl and attitude of Fender's Tweed amps and the glassy shimmer of the Blackface era.

This is a vintage time capsule that sounds as good as it looks – they don’t make ‘em like this any more.


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