Vintage DOD Overdrive Preamp 250 – USA 1970s

by DOD


In the 1970s, DOD was certainly one of the bigger American pedal manufacturers. DOD Electronics Corporation was founded in 1974 by John Johnson and David O. Di Francesco. The first DOD pedal was the DOD Phaser followed by Overdrive Preamp 250.

The DOD Preamp 250 Overdrive debuted in the late ‘70s, alongside the very similar MXR Distortion + and Micro Amp. While the Distortion + has a very distinct, and some say one dimensional quality, and the Micro Amp had a very singular purpose (clean boost), the 250 was harder to pigeon hole. The Distortion + offered a thick, compressed Germanium-derived character while the 250 was more transparent.

Of course, it wasn’t really totally transparent, but its tone shaping qualities are subtle and, perhaps most significantly, it leaves the midrange alone.

The 250 in initially fell into obscurity, but then obscurity slowly became the myth. Some notable players including Yngwie Malmsteen picked up on these, and it became an integral part of his sound.

DOD produced a reissue version – the yellow one – some years later, which met with success. But it’s the original grey 250s that excite collectors and tone hounds worldwide.

The older grey pedals have the OP741 op amp and the reissues had a 4558 op amp. This one has the original 741 chip.

This is one the warmest preamps and most natural sounding OD's ever devised. It presents in lightly worn but original condition, and it sounds huge. Put it up against any modern boutique model and see which one you like best.


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