Supro Royal Reverb 1650 RT Combo – USA 2014

by Supro

$1,995.00 22009

From Supro USA –

"The retro-modern Royal Reverb updates the mid 60’s classic with an all-tube feature set designed to deliver superior sonic flexibility and ample headroom along with enough stage volume to handle any gig.

This 2x10 dual-6L6 combo is the Supro flagship model, and it harkens back to the glory days of amplification when Supros ruled the world's studios and airwaves.

The heart and soul of the Royal Reverb lies within its three-way rectifier switch, which switches the amp between a 35-watt Class A mode and two Class AB modes of either 45 or 60 watts. Not only does this dramatically alter the amp, it changes the tremolo as well, going from the traditional Supro lopsided throb to a high amplitude symmetrical pulse.

The tube powered reverb uses a long spring tank for a warm, dramatic effect when cranked. And because the reverb is before the trem circuit, you can dial in a wet tone with hypnotic, rhythmic tails.

Two 10-inch speakers are custom made by Eminence specifically for Supro and are engineered to deliver better power handling with supreme efficiency and a tight bottom-end. Like all Supro Amps, the Royal Reverb is made right here in the USA with the finest components, tubes and materials.”

The blue rhino hide tolex, compact physical dimensions and fundamental circuit topology are all derived from the original 2×10 Supro Royal Reverb combo amplifier. Like its vintage counterpart, the new Royal Reverb’s power tube tremolo comes after the reverb pan, lending an ethereal shake and wobble to the enveloping wash of tube-driven spring reverb.

Independent treble and bass controls in the preamp provide enhanced tonal control while the unique, 3-way switchable power scheme allows a musician to coax a wide variety of texture from the 6L6-fueled power amp. The 35-Watt Class A (Cathode Bias) and 45-Watt Class AB (Grid Bias) modes both deliver the more spongy character of the 5U4 tube rectifier while the 60-Watt Class AB mode makes use of a silicon rectifier to achieve faster transient response with maximum available headroom and volume.

The unique Class A / Class AB switchability of the Royal Reverb model effectively equips this amp with two distinct tremolo voices. Set to Class A mode, the tremolo is pure vintage Supro, with its distinctive asymmetrical rhythm and overall depth dependant on how hard the output tubes are being pushed. Set to Class AB mode, the tremolo gets much deeper, with greater symmetry and overall range of amplitude modulation.

The Supro Royal Reverb carries a long, six-spring reverb pan with all-tube reverb drive; recovery stages provide warm and smooth reverb that “surrounds the note.” From subtle ambience to massive splashing surf madness, the Royal Reverb lives up to its name in every way.

Comes without its ring-tip footswitch unfortunately, but easily acquired for not much.

This amp is in excellent condition. It performs exactly as described, with a unique “Supro-ness” that is good in every way. It’s ballsy and toneful, and controllable in volume, so you can utilise its many attributes in many varied settings.

Definitely worth a try-out –--- you may be surprised.

Video demo of same model -



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