SOLD - Fulltone Supa Trem – USA 2014

by Fulltone

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Michael Fuller is the founder, designer, and President of Fulltone Musical Products Inc. From Michael -

“Fulltone pedals were born out of a love for music, great gear, great tone, and a desire to make bullet-proof products. Early on I developed a love for fine vintage pedals and my frustration at the inconsistencies and the fragile nature of this old gear drove me to start Fulltone. Rich, Fat-sounding TONE TOOLS with a reliable build quality is the goal. All Fulltone effects carry a 5 year warranty and are built for (and by) musicians.

All of Fulltone's Pots and switches are designed by me and custom made for me because standard pots are extremely weak and can break with even slight pressure applied to them. All Fulltone pedals are designed, hand-built & tested by us at our shop in Southern California using top-notch components.”

This is an original Fulltone Supa Trem pedal from around 2014 in pristine condition. It is not a Supa Trem ST1, or a Supa Trem Jr. It is the original version – and many say, the best.

From Fulltone -

“The Supa Trem employs a custom-designed Fulltone Opto-1 photocell with an extremely fast recovery time which no other manufacturer can match. This makes it behave just like an old 1960’s American tube-amp, but without the annoying ticking sounds that plague amps and other tremolo pedals.

The Supa-Trem is the most versatile tremolo on the market, sporting True-Bypass with green ON/OFF L.E.D. and a red RATE L.E.D. showing your speed at all times (even when pedal is OFF) so you can drop right into the song at the correct tempo.

With the large RATE and MIX knobs you can fine-tune on-the-fly with your foot. The SPEED footswitch correctly halves or doubles your tempo so you stay rhythmically-correct with the tempo of the song you’re playing.”

This Supa-Trem is in pristine, as new condition. It has been used sporadically and looked after well. It’s simply one of the best sounding boutique level trem units out there.

All Fulltone pedals are built to be rock solid, and they just work – quietly, efficiently and very well.

If you're looking for a true classic tremolo without the expense of buying a vintage amp, this original Supa-Trem is right up your alley.

Video demo of same model -


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