SOLD - Fender Vibrolux Reverb Amp - Silverface – USA 1977

by Fender

$2,795.00 21230


This is a well used example of one of the best classic Fender amps ever built – the Silverface Fender Vibrolux. It is all valve, point to point wired, in great sonic condition with no issues except some cosmetic wear and tear.

The Vibrolux is rated at 40 watts – it is as loud as you’d ever want, while breaking up at just the right spot. It is pure Fender valve heaven. Many believe the Vibrolux to be similar in tone to the Deluxe Reverb, but it is almost double the power while still being a small combo that is easy to lug.

Features –

Model/Circuit Number: AA270 

Years of Production: 1968 – 1982

Era: Silverface

Configuration: Combo

Controls: Silver, forward facing w/ blue labels

Knobs: Black skirted w/ chrome centre, numbered 1 – 10

Faceplate -

  • Front: Normal: In, In, Bright Sw, Vol, Treb, Bass – Vibrato: In, In, Bright Sw, Vol, Treb, Bass, Rev, Speed, Intensity – Pilot Lamp
  • Rear: AC Outlet, Ground Sw, Fuse (2A), Power Sw, Standby Sw, Speaker Jack, Ex. Speaker Jack, Vibrato Jack, Reverb Jack, Reverb Out, Reverb In

 Cabinet -

  • Dimensions: 18½ x 24¾ x 9½”
  • Hardware: Medium Chassis Straps 4 5/8”
  • Handle: Black Strap Handle
  • Feet: Corner Protectors
  • Corners: Glides

 Covering Material

  • Black Tolex
  • Grill Cloth: Blue sparkle grille cloth w/ aluminum frame (68-69), w/o aluminum frame (70-80)

Logo: Grillmounted, raised, chrome & black script

Weight: 50 lbs.

Speaker -

  • Size: 2 x 10”
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Model: Oxford 10L5 or CTS 10

Effects: Reverb, Tremolo

Power: 35-40 watts

Tubes -

  • Pre amp: 7025
  • Power: 2 x 6L6GC

Bias: Fixed with Bias Pot.

Rectifier: 5U4

Obviously this amp has seen some use. And cosmetically it is showing its age. But that is often the sign of a good amp – it’s been used because it sounds GOOD. Nothing has been changed internally – its original point to point hand wiring is in place. Soundwise it’s an absolute joy – often referred to as “40 watts of whoop-ass”.

When it came to us it clearly had not been onstage for quite a while. So we took it our local amp guru Matt Robinson, who has worked his magic and brought this one back to life in all its sonic glory.

You can see from the pics that it has 2 different 10” speakers. They’re both Fenders - the blue label one is likely original to this amp, but the square top model is an older Fender speaker, probably made for Fender by the Oxford company.

Bottom line is they don’t sound mismatched – just two very similar spec speakers that work well side by side.

Structurally the cabinet and chassis are in sound condition. The lower back panel has been reglued at some point. And yes, there are scrapes, scuffs, and tears in the tolex – wearing its age with pride in our photos. 

Surprisingly, the original grill cloth has survived relatively unscathed – still looking good. 

That Fender reverb sound is there, big, spacious and bright. The vibrato is pulsatingly pure – it is working perfectly and sounds great. Its Fender footswitch is long gone and not included.

All these issues have been taken into consideration when pricing this amp.

This is the export model so it comes with its original 240v transformer, with 5 different voltage output options.

A sweet sounding Silverface Fender Vibrolux in rough cosmetic condition, but ready to rock for another 45 years.


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