SOLD - Fender Princeton Chorus Combo – USA 1992

by Fender

$495.00 21111


From Fender –

“The Fender PRINCETON CHORUS amplifier presents the player with the best value of any amplifier in its price class. The PRINCETON CHORUS is much more than a portable Gain Switching Amplifier. Besides its basic complement of VOLUME, TREBLE, MID, BASS & REVERB this amplifier offers a selectable Overdrive channel with features that make it virtually, a Two Channel amplifier!

The Overdrive channel features Exclusive Fender Pre & De-Emphasis Distortion circuitry plus a unique distortion-activated Limiter which provides dynamic interactive control over the distortion characteristic. In addition, a true stereo chorus circuit utilizing two 25-watt power amplifiers gives this amp that lush stereo chorus sound.

The Fender PRINCETON CHORUS is one of the most “Expressive” amplifiers ever made. Fender Pre & De-Emphasis Distortion is based on unique Pre and Post clipper voicing filters designed to simulate the preamp tone settings and speaker output of an overdriven tube amplifier. You get the searing smooth highs backed by deep punch that stack amps are known for.

The MID BOOST switch provides a second pre-emphasis voice and the PRESENCE control provides continuous variation of the high frequency content in the de-emphasis voicing. 

The LIMITER is a new feature which will provide gain compression at the onset of distortion and can be used to dial in the exact degree of distortion without sacrificing sustain. This effect is particularly dramatic at high GAIN settings. At high LIMITER and GAIN settings a very dynamic effect can be achieved by varying pick attack. (i.e: The harder you pick, the cleaner the note. Also harmonic content will increase as notes are allowed to sustain. High output pickups with the instrument tone control turned down can achieve reverse envelope, backwards tape effects and many other sounds.) 

The extended range three band equalisation circuitry is post overdrive and can be used to further modify the overall sound of the amp. In addition to convenience features like All Front Panel Mounted Controls and Jacks, the PRINCETON CHORUS features a detachable footswitch for selecting the Overdrive Mode and for activating the stereo chorus circuitry. These functions are multiplexed over a standard 1/4 inch phone plug for ease of connection or extension of the footswitch to remote pedal boards. 

The versatility of the PRINCETON CHORUS is greatly expanded by the individual mono and true stereo EFFECTS LOOPS. These patch points allow for a wide variety of external effects connection schemes and amplifier slaving configurations. They also provide for direct connection to recording and sound reinforcement mixers.

The HEADPHONE jack automatically mutes the speakers in addition to driving standard Stereo or Mono headphones and can also be used as a line out. 

Last, but definitely not least, the Fender PRINCETON CHORUS packs an underdamped design that interacts with the speakers in much the same way as a tube amplifier does, producing sparkle and punch with an increase in apparent loudness and power that defies comparison to other similarly rated units. 

These amps are LOUD, and the Fender Special Design 10 inch speakers can reliably put it out, night after night.”

Specs from Fender –


Height: 17-1/2” (44 cm) 

Width: 22-3/8” (57 cm) 

Depth: 10-3/16” (26 cm) 

WEIGHT: 38 lbs. (17.2 kg) 

INPUT IMPEDANCE: INPUT 1 only-1 meg Ohm.

INPUT 2-131k Ohm. 

NOMINAL LEVEL: INPUT 1 only-100mv., INPUT 2-200mv. 

POWER OUTPUT: 25.5 Watts R.M.S. per channel = 51 Watts R.M.S. 

RATED LOAD IMPEDANCE: 8 Ohms per channel. 

MONO EFFECTS LOOP: Nominal Level: -10dBv. Send Output Impedance: 1k Ohm. Return Input Impedance: 25k Ohm. 

STEREO EFFECTS LOOP: Nominal Level: -10dBv. Send Output Impedance: 1k Ohm. Return Input Impedance: 150k Ohm. (Specifications for each channel Left on Tip, Right on Ring) 

SPEAKER COMPLEMENT: Two 8 Ohm Fender Special Design 10 inch (P.N. 029753) speakers. 

These Princeton Chorus amps from the early 90s are often regarded as one of Fender's best solid state amps.

It’s a great-sounding amp for clean tones - one of the best you’ll find at this price point. And it features a rich reverb and very good stereo chorus.

The distortion is useable for a particular fuzz orientated application, but if you use pedals just sick with the clean channel and dial up your favourite crunch. The two onboard Fender 10” speakers provide all the punch you’ll need.

This amp is in excellent condition – amazing really for a 30 year old amp. It has not been changed, modified or meddled with in any way. It just works well and has never missed a beat since new. It delivers sweet Fender tones at every level of volume – and quite serious onboard controls, all very useable.

This Fender Princeton Chorus is definitely worth considering, particularly at this price point – reliability and versatility for not a lot of $$$

Comes with its original footswitch and owners manual.        

Video demo of same model - 


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