AER Domino 3 Stereo Acoustic Guitar Amplifier – Germany 2015

by AER

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From AER -

“What was supposed to be an update turned into a different class ... Domino 3. Now really stereo, with two twin cone speakers and high performance power amps. Two independent effect units, with 16 presets each, separately address pairs of the four equally equipped channels (1, 2 and 3, 4).

A little software tool (Windows only) connects your computer and the amp to modify effect parameters and create and save your own effects.”

Features -

  • 2 x 100 watts, dynamic control
  • 2 x 8" twin cone stereo speaker system.
  • Quad-channel acoustic system
  • 32 bit AER digital effect processor with 16 presets.
  • PC Software for managing individual effect presets
  • Input 1 To 4 combined XLR/6.3 mm (1/4") input jack socket switchable for instruments, line-level or phantom powered sources (e.g. microphones).
  • Colour mid/cut/treble/boost filter
  • Effects digital effect processor with 16 presets (can be modified via USB and PC Software, Windows XP only).
  • EQ three band tone controls for each channel
  • Power Amp 2 x 100W / 4 ohms, dynamic control
  • Speaker System 2 x 8" twin cone speaker system
  • Analog Signal Processing subsonic filter, low distortion RMS limiter
  • Cabinet Specifications 15 mm (0.6") finish birch plywood
  • Cabinet Finish water based acrylic, black spatter finish
  • Unique Features switchable phantom power, ground lift, rec out, aux in, return, send, headphones, tuner, footswitch (internal/external effect on/off), adjustable DI-out

The AER Domino 3 is the perfect amplifier for the professional guitarist who uses multiple instruments during a show or a smaller group looking for a "PA In-A Box".

The AER Domino 3 is the acoustic guitar amp for any demanding professional that refuses to accept any compromises in their sound. The Domino 3 has more power, more headroom, and more channels, making it ideal for larger venues.

AER designed the Domino 3 specifically so an instrument’s sound can be reproduced to perfection through a speaker/amplifier configuration. Of course, building an acoustic system and tuning it to match all registers required some innovation. The sound is the same clear, natural voice as their industry-standard Compact 60, but "kicked up a notch". With its twin amps, a larger cabinet, 2 dual cone speakers and 4 inputs, this amp has the ability to blend many instrument and/ or voices.

Like all AER amplifiers, the Domino 3's voicing is neutral and transparent, without any artificial or exaggerated frequency boosts. It works equally well with magnetic pickups, under saddle piezo transducers, or with microphones.

Plus, the Domino 3 includes AER's stunning 32-bit effects processor with 16 presets addressable by each channel through individual effects-sends. And channels 1 & 2 can be assigned a different effect than channels 3 & 4, making it ideally suited for instruments and voice. And as if all of this wasn't enough, there is even a USB input for tailoring and saving your own settings.

Underneath the amp's very tough black acrylic coating, the Domino's cabinet is made from birch plywood, not particleboard. Of course the plywood is far more durable, but it also helps keep the weight of the amp down to just under 36 lb.

Connectivity is unsurpassed on this amp. All inputs are combination XLR/ 1/4" and have switchable padding and mic/ line switching. Of course, there is clipping indicator, but there is also phantom power and muting for each channel. Each channel features 3 bands of EQ and a "Colour" switch that boosts presence and slightly cuts the midrange frequencies.
The back panel has the USB input and a USB lamp output.

It is also where you'll find controls to switch the phantom power between 9v and 48v. There are L/R Recording outputs effects send and returns, inserts, headphone output, adjustable DI output, ground lift, tuner output, and active speaker output...whew!

This AER Domino 3 was bought in 2015 and has been used sporadically for rehearsals & gigs since then. It has been well looked after and kept in its AER heavy padded cover. It presents in good condition and all functions perform as new.

The AER Domino series has proven that there is an all-round, small, powerful and yet simple to use complete solution for stage, studio and home use that works up to the highest demands and standards of acoustic players and vocalists. It delivers big tone with lots of focus and projection, without colouring the natural sound of your instrument, or your voice.

Comes with its AER heavy padded cover in good condition.

AER Domino 3 Product Overview With Udo Roesner, Founder of AER -



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