Buyer Testimonial -
Hey John, the blonde '59 Strat finally made it here and it is spectacular! Thanks to your very thorough packing job, it arrived safely. It was even still perfectly in tune when I took it out of the case.
Thanks again for another smooth transaction!
Regards, Hogy - Louisiana, USA
Buyer Testimonial -
I purchased a used amp from Premier Guitars sight unseen and was delighted with the condition it was in when it arrived.

On opening the shipping carton it was obvious that Premier Guitars had taken great care to pack it well for the journey from Sydney to regional Victoria.

Not only did Premier Guitars exceed my expectations regarding the condition of the amp but they also put me onto an affordable and fast courier.

I definitely recommend Premier Guitars as a place to buy equipment from with confidence.

Thank you John ... great service from you.
Iain, Victoria


Buyer Testimonial - UK

Hi John,

Gotta compliment you on the ethical way you do business. The guitar photography, description, invoicing, including delivery to UK in 5 days, is all first-class.

The guitar played perfectly right out-of-the-case. I will be using it from June through September, playing for Charity during Sunday afternoon teatime, in the gardens of a 1000-year-old country Church.

I own 14 Classical guitars. What a thrill to add this special 2001, Chet Atkins CEC model.

Yours, Hugh - Croydon UK


Buyer Testimonial - Texas

I’ve made two significant purchases through Premier Guitars … a 1951 Fender Nocaster and a 1950 Fender Broadcaster. Both were exceptional instruments and frictionless transactions, thanks in large part to John’s handling of the deal.

I’ve found John to be very knowledgeable, honest, and thorough. He put me at ease buying such expensive guitars from the other side of the world (United States). He also knows where all the great guitars are.

I recall on one occasion reaching out to Premier Guitars on a long shot for a guitar I was looking for. Although it wasn’t something they had listed, John replied “oh yeah, we have one of those in our vault”. Fantastic shop and ownership…I’ll be back.

Richard - Austin, Texas USA


Buyer Testimonial - Switzerland

I was looking for a vintage Gibson L5 with Alnico V pickups from the fifties and found it at Premier Guitar. Buying online always carries the risk that the guitar may have defects that the seller conceals. John answered my critical questions quickly and openly. He sent me additional photos of the affected areas so I could order with confidence. The guitar was shipped quickly and it was in even better condition than I had hoped for.

It is actually in almost mint condition, even better than I dreamed it would be. It looks so beautiful. The paint is still fresh and the neck is perfectly straight. The string height is perfect too and the Kluson tuner knobs are not crumbling as they sometimes do.

Of course, I was eager to try her out. It sounds perfect with and without an amp. Basically, this is an acoustic guitar, much lighter than my L5 from the late sixties. I'm very happy!

The price was absolutely fair. I can highly recommend Premier Guitars.

Thomas – Switzerland

Buyer & Seller Testimonial -
John sold me two guitars (which I love!!) and also helped me sell two of my own. The service and communication was fantastic from start to finish. You can rest assured that if you're buying from John, you're getting a quality instrument. If you're selling with John, he will help you tap into a global market, and pay you promptly when your guitar sells. I will be using John many more times I'm sure!
Tom - Sydney
Buyer Testimonial - France
I had been looking for a 2004 Fender Custom Shop Strat 50th anniversary Yuriy Shishkov MB or a long time and it was on Premier Guitars that I found the perfect example I want. The only concern at the start is that I live in France and that I did not imagine that John would take up the challenge. But be did and he perfectly packed the guitar and the case and sent it by DHL.... And a few days later I received it in perfect condition.
It is exactly like on the website. Presentation and pictures reflect the real state of the guitar, there are no bad surprises, John is a professional and it shows. Beware, however, French and European friends of customs duties. I did not anticipate and the costs + 20% taxes may surprise. My bank account is now empty but I don't care!
In the end what counts is the result and I thank John for allowing me to acquire more of the history of rock’n’roll ... this Fender Strat MB54 is for me one of the most beautiful successes of the Fender Custom Shop. If I ever had to buy another guitar from John I would do so without any hesitation and with great pleasure. Thank you John. 
Eric from France.
Buyer Testimonial -
Great experience with John and Premier Guitars. Guitar was exactly as advertised and his experience and help with shipping meant I got the guitar quickly, without stress.  
Angus - QLD
Seller Testimonial -
If you care about a guitar, and care about what happens when someone buys it, then Premier Guitars is for you.
John is a true enthusiast. He fairly assessed my guitar’s value through extensive research, fixed what needed fixing , and waited for the right buyer.
An excellent service for a niche market.
Harry - Sydney.
Buyer Testimonial - 
Hi John. Just thought I'd let you know that the D-28 Martin arrived safe and sound today.
It is a beautiful instrument and one that I will treasure for sure. I love the feel and tone of her already.
Many thanks for your guidance and advice along the way. I appreciate your efforts throughout.
Kind regards, Stephen, NSW
Buyer Testimonial - 
Hi John. I just wanted to let you know that I received the guitar from TNT couriers yesterday afternoon.
First of all, thanks for packing it really well - it arrived safe and sound.
I have managed to have a bit of a play, and I'm blown away by the quality of craftsmanship of the guitar, as well as the amazing sound it produces. The action is great for fretting and using a slide gives it a real 'Delta' sound with amazing resonance and warmth from the wooden body.
Please let the former owner know it has gone to a good home, and I will certainly be giving it a regular workout - a keeper for sure!
Thanks again for making this such a smooth and easy transaction, and I will definitely recommend the Premier Guitars website to any fellow guitar enthusiasts looking for a quality axe. Hope to do business again one day.
Cheers, Stuart VIC

Buyer Testimonial -

Hi John. The Lazy J20 amp arrived yesterday and it’s terrific!  It’s a totally different animal to my Blackface and Silverface amps.  I think I’m just scratching the surface of the tone combinations that the Lazy J 20 can offer though … I just need a few uninterrupted hours/days to become more familiar and master it.

There’s a few tonal treasures and tricks I’ve discovered already though. I’m experimenting with the interplay of the two channels, the attenuator, mid-boost pull switch etc. 

Anyway, on first run through it’s a great, versatile and beautifully made amp that I am thoroughly enjoying. Thanks for all your help in facilitating this transaction and hope you’re keeping safe and well.

Cheers – Peter, Sydney

Buyer Testimonial -
Many thanks John. Received the amp today and just plugged it in and gave it a go. It’s bloody great! Better than any small amp I’ve ever played. It sounds just like a big amp, just quieter. It also looks super cool so will take a prominent spot in the room.

Altogether a wonderful experience, from chatting to you to receiving the amp that is exactly as pictured and described, and was actually great value. I’ll be keeping an eye on your site for anything else that catches my eye and won’t hesitate for a second before buying something else from you.
Many thanks for everything and for shipping it so quickly.

Nick - Sydney
Buyer Testimonial -
Hi John. The Taylor arrived today. I must say its a beautiful guitar lovely rich aged colour to it in excellent condition.
Plays beautiful the neck is fantastic and the sound is exceptional 
So I am very happy thank you. Till the next deal, take care
Mike - Perth
Buyer Testimonial -
Dear John, Thank you again for the quality of your communication, without delay (even on the other side of the world). 
Thanks to your services & your professionalism, I had the chance to acquire a pearl which will follow me on stage & in my next recordings ! 
Very beautiful continuation to you !
Josquin - Switzerland
Buyer -

I have always been one of those who has to touch, play, listen and feel a guitar before buying! Given the craziness of covid, both times I have been in quarantine in Sydney I have bought a guitar online from John and will definitely be buying more – next time hopefully I won’t be in quarantine!

The key for me in buying anything online is trusting the person you are buying from and both times John has been spot on – in fact both guitars were possibly better than described and I could not be happier. The partscaster I bought last year was great value and is a blast to play – it is the cheapest guitar I own and one of the most played. The 51 Nocaster was considerably more expensive but still well priced for what it is and is absolutely stunning – definitely one that will not leave the collection!

Can’t speak highly enough of my dealings with John – his descriptions of guitars is spot on and the set-up on arrival was great, he is always responsive, easy to deal with and very trustworthy! Highly recommended guitar dealer than I will be buying from in the future (given my gear addiction)!

Marcus, Sydney

Seller -
Hi John. I would like to say a huge thank you - your knowledge, professionalism and customer service is without makes Premier Guitars the number one musical equipment store in Australia. 
I’m currently in home renovations and selling mode but once all that is done, I know which website I’ll be visiting in the near future.
You can never have too many guitars and amps !
Take care John. 
Shane, Sydney
Seller -
I acquired a Teisco SS4L When I was 24, back in 1975 from the original owner, to play in a 60/40 dance band in country Victoria. After moving away, the instrument languished in a succession of cupboards, rarely being played for the next forty years. A few years ago I wondered if this ancient Japanese Electric guitar had any value, so after searching the internet I found Premier Guitars in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.
I rang and spoke to John Spence, who informed me the guitar was indeed valuable and knew the brand well. I felt it was a shame that this interesting instrument was sitting there unused, so early this year (2021) when visiting Sydney I dropped off my guitar to John.

He researched  the guitar, found Youtube clips of the same instrument being played and wrote an excellent review of the guitar in general and mine in particular.

I had no idea how long it would take to sell and was prepared for a lengthy wait and was pleasantly surprised to receive an e-mail after only a couple of months to say it had been sold! Two or three days later the money was in my bank account.

I am more than happy with the service I got from Premier Guitars. Thanks John
Owen, South Australia
Seller -
This was a very smooth sale for me, selling my much loved ES 125 I had owned for 36 years. I knew it was a nice guitar - however, finding the right person to sell it for me was of an importance. When John rang me and told me the sale was on and that it was going to a good home, it really assured me that it was in fact well looked after during the sale and in good hands after. Thank you Premier Guitars and for my sale of my beautiful much loved 125. Cheers John.    
Michael, Sydney
Buyer -
I recently made a purchase through Premier Guitars. I live interstate and a guitar popped up on the site that I fell in love with, I hadn't seen it in person but the listing was extremely well written, accurate and descriptive enough that I could comfortably make a purchase knowing what I was getting (great photo representation too).
I gave John a call and he was very inviting and a pleasure to work with. We organised a layby there and then & ongoing communication was prompt. Once paid for the guitar was shipped nicely and showed up in 2 days. Would certainly buy again
Thanks again. Simon - Adelaide
Seller Testimonial - 
I was more than a little skittish, given the  famously unhappy events in Sydney vintage sales history in 2012, before deciding to entrust my treasures with John Spence’s Premier Guitars.
Encouraged by a friend who had a positive experience with John, I made contact and found him to be business-like, knowledgeable and no BS. I’m no lawyer, but the Consignment Agreement looked pretty solid to me.
Since then, he has found happy new owners for several excellent vintage amps at market price, with very little hassle to me. My experience with Premier Guitars was exactly what it says on the box: a reputable, ethical, licensed second hand dealer who sell instruments on consignment at a price determined by me.
Henry - Sydney
Seller Testimonial -
My experience with John has been so good, so professional and easy, that I wouldn’t bother buying or selling a used instrument in this high end market any other way. John’s honesty and transparency gave me the confidence to choose Premier Guitars. 
Rob - NSW
Buyer Testimonial - 
I recently was interested in a Fender AVRI Jazzmaster that John had up for sale, however I was too slow and it was then on lay-by so I had just missed out.
Regardless, I contacted John and he said he would let me know if anything happens. Much to my surprise a week or so later I received an email that it was now available. 
From contacting John, to purchasing the guitar it was a seamless process. I am stroked with the guitar and John was also happy for me to come in a day after the purchase to do a quick fix on the guitar. I highly recommend buying from Premier Guitars.
Ryan - Sydney
Buyer Testimonial -
A friend recommended Premier Guitars to me, saying that they were very reliable for only stocking items of excellent quality.
Sure enough, I ended up buying a fantastic AER guitar amplifier from them which was in superb condition and at a very reasonable price. 
Dealing with them was a breeze and because I lived fairly close by, they even ended up going the extra mile and hand delivering the amp to me at no cost - fantastic service. I'll be back in the future.
Paul - Sydney
Buyer Testimonial -
I recently purchased my dream guitar (Gibson J45) through Premier Guitars. First guitar I’ve ever bought online and couldn’t be more satisfied. The guitar is exceptional, and the process was so smooth and easy. The guitar arrived quickly and safely. Highly recommend Premier for quality, great selection and ease of purchase . Thanks Premier ! 
Edo - NSW
Buyer Testimonial -
Thank you to John Spence of Premier Guitars in Sydney. The instrument is wonderful and I appreciate it greatly. Fast service from a professional company. I recommend them.
Peter - South Australia
Buyer Testimonial -
Hi John. The CS Telecaster arrived today, in the condition promised by Premier Guitars, and I am already enjoying getting to know the instrument.
It’s been a pleasure being a client of Premier Guitars, and I look forward to more purchases in the future.
Thanks again and warm regards,
Damien - NSW
Seller Testimonial -

After learning that the bass I had in storage (Maton Beatsound Semi-acoustic bass) was a collector’s item, I determined that it should find a new home where it would be appreciated.  I’d had this instrument since I was a teenager and I knew nothing about selling a rare instrument. 

After contacting Maton in Australia, they suggested John from Premier Guitars as a possible contact for selling rare instruments.

From our first conversation, John provided me a great deal of confidence in his process of researching, pricing and selling my bass. 

It has now found a new home with someone that, I believe, will value it. I am very grateful for his expertise and assistance.  I highly recommend John’s services to anyone selling collectable instruments; especially inexperienced sellers, like me. 

 Chrissie - NSW


Buyer Testimonial -
Being an overseas buyer I was one hundred percent reliant on the photos and descriptions of my purchase. Everything was accurate and portrayed perfectly. The packaging was excellent to protect the vintage instrument for its trans Tasman travel and I will be keeping an eye for more great opportunities from Premier Guitars.
Cheers, Jason - New Zealand
Buyer Testimonial -
I don't particularly like purchasing without inspecting a product directly, but covid created the necessity on this occasion, and John from Premier Guitars made this easy, with his enthusiasm, great advice, and grand selection, plus very prompt postage and secure packaging, made this all an excellent experience. A big thank you.

Roland - Sydney
Buyer Testimonial -
Hi John. Just want to let you know that the guitar got delivered today safe and sound. Thanks for packing it up so well for me, the guitar is in outstanding condition  and I'm completely satisfied with it. 
Thanks again for your service, 
Geoff - Geelong 
Buyer Testimonial -
I recently purchased a vintage 70s bass from Premier Guitars. Due to the current COVID situation this was a sight unseen buy. John was excellent in his description and knowledge which assured me this was my bass. John handled the freight and packaging and the bass arrived safe and sound, very quick and is better than I had expected. Totally recommend Premier Guitars. 
Marc - NSW
Seller Testimonial -
Hi John. Just wanted to take the opportunity now I'm in front of a computer to properly say thank you.
Getting rid of all those guitars was an emotional step for me and one I'd put off for a very long time, but I'm very grateful that they're all (hopefully) getting played more often.
Dealing with you has been an absolute pleasure.
I really appreciate your professionalism and honesty, especially with what I'd been through in the past.
Hope all is well for you mate and one day I'll be in touch when it's time to start collecting again!
Joe - Sydney
Buyer Testimonial - 
Thanks again for the VG Stratocaster. It was in near perfect condition as described by you. Delivery was very prompt, and communication was great.
Aaron - Melbourne
Buyer Testimonial - 

John, I received the Maton Ukulele and Deering Banjo ukulele today.  Thank you very much, I am delighted with them.

I must say I found the experience of buying on line with you very comfortable and reassuring.  Starting with the personal contact by phone after my initial “I’m interested” email. You were very easy and efficient to deal with and they were both wrapped and protected impeccably.

The terms are very clearly laid out and I understood the process. Whilst you get the buyer to arrange and approve shipping. You set this up so that it was just so easy.

I could not have asked for better service from an internet purchase.

Kind Regards,  

Mike - Hobart

Buyer Testimonial -
The Gallien Kruger amp arrived this morning safe and sound. Plugged in and sounds awesome!
Thanks very much for all of your help with this purchase and your assistance with freight etc - really happy with the purchase and your level of assistance and advice is top notch!
Lee - QLD
Buyer Testimonial -
I cannot recommend Premier Guitars highly enough. John is patient,  knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. No pressure sales and top notch service. If you want quality and peace of mind, think Premier Guitars and ring John. 
Des, Inverell NSW
Buyer Testimonial -
Guitar arrived on Thursday afternoon in great shape. Thanks very much for
packing it up so well. I was really pleased to see it was just as depicted and described.

I'm in the middle of a term of study of melodic minor material and I think it will provide some good tones for those colourful sounds. Nice and light too for which I will be grateful during long sessions.

Thanks for the way in which you conduct your business. I had a recent bad experience with a person who tried to sell me a fake so I'm very appreciative of finding a solid operator.

Cheers, John VIC


Buyer Testimonial -
I was contemplating buying a Gibson ES 137 when I found one at Premier Guitars in Sydney. Being in Queensland, I was too far away, but the quality & price was too good, I had to make a phone call.  I've never bought a guitar without playing it first. I was concerned about shipping, & if I'd receive the instrument in the pictures.
After a five minute conversation with John Spence, all my anxiety & fears left me, & I put my full trust in him. I'm glad I did! The guitar arrived well wrapped, in mint condition.  After a slight tune, I was amazed at how well the set up & intonation was. Being a jazz guitar, the first tune I played was, ' The girl from Impanema' lol.
I am totally satisfied with the whole experience, & I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another instrument from Premier Guitars.  Thanks so much John, I'm a happy man.
Warwick - QLD


Buyer Testimonial -
Highly recommend for interstate purchase. Quick delivery, fantastic to deal with, bass arrived safely and as described.
Hope to deal with again.
Manny - QLD


Buyer Testimonial -

I purchased a guitar through the Premier Guitars web site and couldn’t be more happy with the service. From the start all my questions about the guitar and its delivery to me in another State were answered quickly and truthfully.

The guitar I bought matched the description on the web page and John's assurances of the quality of the instrument. John acted very professionally during the process liaising between myself and the seller to achieve a sale at a great price.

The guitar was packed safely and delivered by courier, which Premier Guitars arranged, and arrived on time and in perfect condition. John also took to the time to check in after the sale ensure that the guitar had arrived and that I was satisfied with my purchase.     

Absolutely the best service and care.

Rob - QLD


Buyer Testimonial -
I recently bought a beautiful 1956 Gibson from John @ Premier Guitars. It's always a risk buying a guitar remotely (especially vintage) without being able to play or see it in person before making the big purchasing decision. John was very quick to answer all questions in detail regarding technical specs, condition and playability of the guitar.
It was posted promptly and upon arrival I was very pleased at how accurate John was with his assessment on this guitar - sounds and plays beautifully. This experience has really instilled me with great confidence to consider any guitar which John sells and this could be a problem for my bank account.
Martin - Melbourne


Buyer Testimonial -
As a guitarist with very limited experience in buying vintage guitars John made things incredibly comfortable from start to finish. Very patient and happy to answer any questions needed with my initial enquiries. John was able to find time to make an appointment for me at very late notice and send me home with a beautiful telecaster that same afternoon. 
Highly recommend If you’re looking for a guitar store with a well curated collection that’s fronted by very approachable staff.
Simon - Sydney


Buyer Testimonial -

Premier Guitars – 5  stars.

While searching the internet for preloved vintage / rare Gibson acoustic guitars, I came across the Premier Guitars website in Sydney.

Premier Guitars have a vast range of preloved guitars from all the top brands and I was lucky to find a 2008 Gibson CJ 165 Flame maple acoustic guitar.

Looking at the photos on the website the guitar looked in good condition and the flame maple timbers were eye candy.

I rang John Spence from Premier Guitars and he answered all my questions re the guitar.

I was a little hesitant to buy a guitar sight unseen, but decided to buy it. I am so glad that I did. The guitar arrived today, the guitar case was double wrapped in bubble wrap.

What a Beautiful Guitar, No fret wear, perfect intonation, nice action and LR Baggs pickup. The guitar was as John had described it - Mint condition.

This guitar is a keeper for my collection. I can definitely recommend Premier Guitars for their very professional and friendly service and it was a pleasure to deal with them.

The guitar was transported from Sydney to the East Coast of Tasmania via TNT and arrived  within 4 days with excellent up to date tracking .

Thanks again John.

Steve (Tasmania)


Buyer Testimonial -
I sent an email to enquire, and from there the whole experience was easy - responsive service and quick delivery, with the guitar exactly as described/pictured. Thanks!
Grant, VIC


Buyer Testimonial - 

Years ago I once saw an amp at a shop in my area which I tried out, loved and wanted.  At the time I didn’t have the funds to buy and I haven’t seen it up for sale since. Then just browsing through the webs there it was in Premier Guitars along with other high end and great guitars.   I contacted and spoke to John who runs Premier Guitars.

With distance and restrictions due to COVID-19 I dealt with John over the phone. John knows his stuff as he answered all my questions in great detail and he was very pleasant to talk and deal with. Courier service John used was express so the amp arrived the day after shipment and most importantly it was packaged very well to ensure a safe journey. 

Thanks John for all your time and help and for everyone out there, if you see a guitar or amp in Premiers Guitar that you really like or interested in you’ll be in good hands with John.

Louis - Sydney


Seller Testimonial -

I have known John Spence of Premier Guitars for some years now; and often look at the site and view the range of wonderful guitars and read a little about their ‘stories’. So when I considered putting my prized Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 up for sale, I contacted John for advice. John’s knowledge and expertise on quality musical instruments is the product of decades of interest, experience and passion. I should know; as I’ve purchased a couple of wonderful guitars from John over the years.


The thing is … I wanted someone who knew my guitar to manage its sale.

John explained that he owns a Custom 22 that felt just like mine. So I knew that he would look after the guitar like it was his own.

Even though my Custom 22 took a little longer to move on than I had initially expected, I could not have been happier with the end result. Even during the difficult conditions of business operation of early 2020, John matched my guitar to its new owner perfectly.

In fact, when John called me to tell me that he had a buyer with him that wanted the PRS; and that he really ‘loved the guitar’ … I felt pleased that it was heading to a new home.

The timing of the sale worked perfectly for me, as I was confident it would all along.

I’ll keep looking a John’s Premier Guitars site … just in case I see something special.

Paul - QLD


Seller Testimonial -
Dear John. Thanks for your great help in finding good new homes for my Fender Stratocaster, Fender Princeton Jazz chorus amp and Seymour Duncan Twin-Tube effects pedal.
Each of these items faced rather a niche demand, and as a Canberra resident I would have had very little chance of finding buyers for these items in this rather small local market.  Nor would I have had a good feel for a potential market value of the items in the broader national and international market.
So I really appreciated your market research, advice, photography and marketing that found happy buyers for them.  The Premier Guitars web site is a beautiful and informative thing, and your credibility from years of work gigging around Sydney adds a lot to the confidence both buyers and sellers can place in your site.   
The sales you achieved for me were good news, but better still was the knowledge that the gear has gone on to another generation of happy users!
Thanks again, Terry - Canberra ACT


Buyer Testimonial (Denmark) -

Wow! What a beautiful and fine Rickenbacker 360/12V64 you help me get from down under.

Thank you John Spence. It was so smooth corresponding with you from abroad, and thanks for your passion Premier Guitars for making this buy possible. For me and other fellow musicians and collectors - professional and reliable handling, with shipping and insurance on top. You guys rock!

John - Copenhagen, Denmark


Seller Testimonial -
Premier Guitars is a wonderful way to buy or sell ... it's a guitar shop that feels more like hanging out in a friend's lounge room and playing his most prized possessions. You even have to call ahead and let your friend  know that you'll be coming over!
John is exceptionally easy to deal with, he is a gifted salesman with vast knowledge of guitars, and there is a fast turn around between appraisal and having the instrument on the shelf. My relatively obscure guitar from a boutique luthier sold at a very reasonable price, the money was in my account a few days later and I couldn't be happier with the result.  Thank you John!
All the best, Dave - Sydney


Buyer Testimonial –

After many months of research in the search for a Rickenbacker bass, it became evident that they were extremely hard to come by. A friend recommended I have a look at Premier Guitars, as he had done a lot of business with them in the past and highly recommended them. 

Their site was very professional and easy to navigate with each product accompanied with its own, detailed description including their history. Each product also has many professional photos that show every aspect of the product. This gave me peace of mind as a first-time buyer, and particularly as I was buying sight unseen. 

Furthermore, John Spence from Premier Guitars was only too happy to answer any questions I had about the product itself or the logistics of payment or shipping. He informed me upfront about any imperfections or damage to the product which can be expected when buying a second hand instrument. The process was fast and easy with the bass arriving safely to my door within the week.

I am now the proud owner of a 1978 Rickenbacker 4001 and it certainly exceeds expectations. Thank you to John Spence and the team at Premier Guitars for their wonderful knowledge and service 

Kind regards – Felix, NSW

Buyer Testimonial - 

John, a word of thanks – you are an absolute pleasure to deal with. My recent purchases from you were a masterclass in what customer service should be. From my first contact enquiry with you through to delivery. It started with the enquiry about the Amp and then a recommendation you made for a bass that exactly meet my needs, through to the purchase of a much sort-after guitar. You were able to accommodate me when at the last moment I was unable to attended your shop in person, taking the time to discuss in detail the condition and attributes of each instrument over the phone, confirming for me that what I was viewing in the high quality photos that you have on your website, followed by well-timed exchange of emails. The instruments arrived expertly packed and as described via a courier service with on-line tracking, which was greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend Premier Guitars for quality instruments, with great service, advice and care.’

James, Sydney


Seller Testimonial -

Excellent service and the advice on presentation and pricing made selling my guitar quick, easy and hassle free. Thank You Premier Guitars!

Paul, Sydney


Buyer Testimonial –

To anyone on the market for a high quality pre-loved guitar, do yourself a favour and check out the stock John has online at PREMIER GUITARS. I have spent hours looking online for a mint condition second-hand guitar and as soon as I found PREMIER GUITARS, I filled out the ‘I’m interested' online form for a Gretsch Electromatic 12 string that was beautifully presented on the website. I received it 2 days after John received my payment and it was sent well wrapped and in it’s own pre-loved Gretsch case. Communication with John on the phone and via email has been first rate.

My purchase was smooth and painless and the quality of the guitar is impeccable and, in my humble opinion, an exceptional example of this particular Gretsch model. Knowing I can trust a dealer of second hand instruments is great thing and I will no doubt be a returning customer.

Thank you John.

Colin - Victoria

Seller Testimonial –

Through Premier Guitars I consigned four guitars and the entire process from start to finish was very comfortable thanks to John. After a very rapid response to my email inquiry, I brought said guitars to him for the appraisal process which was fast and efficient. Arguably the most friendly guitar salesman I have ever met, combined with his professionalism and vast collection of guitars makes Premier Guitars a fantastic place for any guitarist to Buy and Sell.

The speed of the sale of one of my guitars is also something to note, having only been a few days since the appraisal.

Premier Guitars has most certainly become the first place I check for vintage guitars and has definitely gained a customer for life.

Cheers, Andrei - Sydney


Seller Testimonial –

Like most guitarists of a certain age, I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to buy more, I'd have to start selling off some of my old ones. I thought about the low-ball figures pawn shops would give me, or the hassle of selling stuff on eBay and having people come to my house or, worse, have to package up and send the guitar to them. Then I remembered Premier Guitars which I had previously browsed as a potential buyer in the past. I made a date to see John and it couldn't have been more easy. He looked over the guitar, played it, and we spoke about its history to give him a head-start on some further research. Fast-forward a few months and the guitar sold at the top price we agreed on. Even less commission it was far, far more than I would have received via a pawn shop, and frankly paid for itself in terms of not having to worry about letting people come around to look at it and/or shipping it to them, especially if they were based overseas. I would have zero hesitation in letting John sell another guitar for me.

Rob - Sydney


Buyer Testimonial – 

I have been fiddling with guitars since I was 8 and have bought and sold many over the years,
usually made by custom builders. Recently I saw a guitar on John’s website and was really attracted to it,
but unfortunately we could not organise a time that suited both of us for me to visit the showroom.

We agreed to do a video call on Facebook and John played the guitar for me and gave me a good look over all the parts I was curious about. 

For me the instinctual feel has always been the most important thing. I hesitated for a day, but the first time ever in my life, I bought a guitar I had not physically felt and played and I have to say since it arrived, it was beyond expectation. 

Exactly as John had described and even more -  a dream piece of craftsmanship and a joy to play. Thank you John !

Best Wishes, Terry - Sydney


Buyer Message –

Hi John. The guitar arrived today and I still can't believe how good it is, and how fast and easy was to get it from Australia. Thanks for everything, you do really offer a premier class service.

Giovanni – Italy


Buyer Testimonial –

At first I was a bit worried, I've never bought a guitar online, furthermore from the other side of the world. I decided to try my luck based on the great reviews I found on the premier guitar's website and I've been not disappointed at all. John was extremely helpful, reassuring me about both the condition of the guitar and their experience in shipping instruments to Europe.

I rate my experience 10/10, would (and probably will) absolutely buy again from him.

Giovanni – Italy


Seller -

Thanks for your assistance John, great to deal with someone who looks after the musician when selling on consignment. Your personal and professional approach is appreciated and I'm happy that my guitar and bouzouki will have another life to lead.

You really have a great business and have obviously built up a good reputation selling instruments without any fuss, for a fair price & reasonable commission. You have a wonderful range of instruments for sale.

Thanks again, Gary – Sydney 


Buyer -

Hi John. The guitar is really great, I am definitely not disappointed. I did have to give the hardware a good clean and remove some corrosion, but other than that it is perfect. The lacquer is a little more aged than what was shown on your website (really depends on the light), but I actually like it more this way.

I want to thank you for your professional service, and the fact that you sold me my dream guitar. I’ve seriously wanted a White Falcon for at least 10 years but couldn’t afford a new one, and couldn’t find a second-hand instrument for the right price and in the condition.

Thanks and regards, Joel – QLD


Buyer -

This is the first time buying from Premier Guitars and just going off the testimonials with no prior knowledge of the shop. After purchasing a beautiful Strat from John I can gladly say it was a breeze doing so, he was very responsive and helpful with any details of the shipping process and payment methods.  The guitar came in an excellently packaged box full of bubble wrap to keep the guitar in place and safe and was setup to play right out of the box.

 Thank you John for my Strat, I love it so much and can't thank you enough!

Lachlan -  South Aust


Buyer Testimonial – 

As someone who lives in rural Australia the opportunity to purchase a quality second hand guitar was wonderful. Communication with the staff of Premier Guitars was professional and friendly. It was clear that the safe delivery of my newly purchased guitar was a priority, which I really appreciated!

A very happy customer holding my new Mini Maton.

Samuel - Bathurst


Seller –

John just sold a '59 Tele refin for me. I must say it was worth the wait. I congratulate the buyer - I don't believe there is one out there quite like it. Even with a slight bend in the headstock, that didn't move in the decade or so I owned it, this 'feature' added to the guitar's mojo if nothing else. As John said in his description, the bridge pick up is a sonic wonder; and the neck sooo comfy.  I loved the guitar but it was 'collecting 'dust', as I no longer gig - it was my favourite axe. It was time for someone else to enjoy a very fine example of Leo's finest. Thank you John, once again. Another happy buyer and another extremely satisfied seller!!! Jimbo

Jim - NSW


Seller –

I have been very pleased with the experience of being a seller of a couple of guitars via Premier Guitars. John was easy & professional to deal with. He provided clear advice about why he recommended a particular sale price and then he achieved that price for me. It was a simple as that. The only unknown in the process is how long it will take for a real purchaser to materialise, and on that front patience is a virtue.

 Cheers, David - Sydney


 Buyer & Seller  –

John at Premier is very helpful and will always have a focus on what is best for you - as a buyer or seller. Was great at communicating and helped make what seemed an impossible sale, possible. Would definitely buy, sell or browse again.

Thanks again!

Nico – Sydney


Buyer Testimonial –

Buying a vintage musical instrument online is scary! Sure the pictures look good, but how do you know if its good without picking it up and playing it? I had to 'throw caution to the wind' and trust that John was not feeding me BS. The guitar arrived in short time and well packed in bubble wrap. John's description on his website, and in our phone conversation, proved to be accurate and I'm very pleased with the purchase. I'm currently waiting for John to find the next vintage guitar I have on my list!

Cheers, Dave - Cooma NSW


Buyer Testimonial –

Hi John, hope u r well, here it goes 

"After trawling many websites looking for a quality, versitle guitar,  seeing a beautiful 20 year old PRS CE 24 on the premier guitar site I contacted them,  and had a call from John shortly after asking me what I expected from this guitar. Versatile sound, Beautiful top, fast slinky neck, great condition, unmolested, at a fair price.  And when it arrived, it was just that." Thanks John!

Cheers Raf – QLD


Buyer Testimonial –

Hi John....

Always wanted a Gibson Les Paul Goldtop... so i began my search, this is my story!

I am the proud owner of a couple of Les Paul's collected over a number of years, but the Goldtop was an itch that would not go away

So i started looking...and eventually noticed Premier Guitars however they are Sydney based and i am on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria

Premier had  just what i was searching for - a 1957 Reissue LPR 7

People state that you should play it before purchase....however i really did not want to go up to Sydney, so i called John and asked for some information which was accurate and to the point the description, condition, patina all exceeded my expectations

So the deal was done and the Gibson arrived within two days well protected with copious amounts of bubble wrap

Would not hesitate to recommend John @ Premier Guitars

Kind Regards, Marshall - Melbourne


Buyer Testimonial –

Hi John,

Just a note to say the Conde Hermanas Guitar arrived in as beautiful condition as described.

I am very happy with this Guitar and will look after it until I have to pass it on to another who will also treasure it. 

This guitar has just the tones, sounds I love in flamenco music. I lowered the saddle a bit and it is playable fluently up and down the fingerboard. Thank you for a Beautiful Instrument.

In 1967 when the first owner`s parents bought the guitar for him, I was 21 years of age, working at Sydney hospital and I lived in Windmill Street, Millers Point, aka (The Rocks).

One of the best years of my life...... And over 50 years later, 2019, another really exciting year of my life.

Thank you for selling me this very beautiful Conde Hermanos Flamenco Guitar!

My best regards,

Peter - QLD


Buyer Testimonial –

I had been in the market for a vintage Gibson acoustic guitar for about a year and couldn't seem to find one that really jumped out. I came across this beautiful 1968 Gibson J50 on the Premier Guitars website and called to enquire.

John was very helpful over the phone in answering my questions and invited me to the showroom to try a few guitars out. All of the guitars were of fantastic quality, and John showed me around giving advice and information on each, never trying to force one or the other on me, something that I had experienced at other guitar stores.

In the end I went with the Gibson J50 and am extremely happy with the guitar. I couldn't recommend the process with Premier Guitars any higher, a great service from start to finish. Thanks John and the team at Premier Guitars.

Adam - Sydney


Buyer Testimonial -

Dear John. The Fargen amp sounds fantastic as expected - thank you for selling it to me. I thought the way it was presented on the Premier Guitars website was really clear, answered all the questions, and helped me want to buy it!

All the best, Rik - Perth


Buyer Testimonial –

I've bought off John a few times now, and his service and knowledge is second to none. Premier Guitars' showroom full of quality well loved gear is something you just don't get at a general purpose music store. And to be able to see and try legendary guitars and amps and talk with John in a relaxed and friendly environment is a godsend. His love for guitars and passion for his business really shows. Thanks again John - til next time!

 Cheers, Bruce - Sydney



Buyer Testimonial –

I have recently purchased a 1973 Les Paul Gold Top from Premier Guitars and would like to make a couple of comments about my experience.

  • Firstly, the photographs on the website were excellent, taken from all angles and representing the guitar accurately.
  • The description and comments about how the guitar played, written by a very good guitar player himself, the electrics, condition of frets etc. were very informative and, now that I have the instrument in my own hands, I can say that I agree with the spiel unreservedly. 
  • I was very happy with the negotiation between seller, previous owner and me.
  • The guitar was packaged, well protected, immediately upon payment and sent by courier from Sydney to me in South Australia and in my hands within three days. 

And so, in short, I purchased my Goldy sight unseen, trusting the photographs, very detailed description and acceptable negotiation. I'm very happy with the guitar and have no hesitation in recommending Premier Guitars to anyone.

John – South Auatralia


Buyer Testimonial –

It is a pleasure to pen a testimonial for you and Premier Guitars.
I purchased a particular vintage Gibson Les Paul that in most circles is known as a "rumour has it" entity.

John with his sound knowledge of all things vintage knew all about this particular " Vintage Gibson guitar ",

John guided me through the research to provenance to purchase process with confidence and honesty.

Needles to say the negotiation on price was conducted with respect and the deal was done, easy as that.
I look forward to my next purchases through John and Premier Guitars.

Thanks again John, love the guitar.

Ross, Wollongong


I’ve bought and sold numerous guitars and amplifiers through Premier guitars and have experienced nothing but totally professional treatment.

Empathetic efficient and easy to deal with – I believe Premier Guitars operate with the highest level of honesty and integrity. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Lawrence - Sydney


Hi John,

Thanks for selling me such a beautiful guitar – the ES 345

It’s a rare treat to be able to play a such large selection of great vintage instruments in a friendly, no pressure environment.

Premier Guitars would have to have the best range of vintage guitars and amps in Australia.

Cheers, Steve - Sydney


I bought my very first vintage guitar online, sight unseen from John at Premium Guitars and found him to be very straight forward and knowledgeable. Being a seasoned muso himself, John understood the exact mojo I was looking for in a guitar, even before I really did. Now I know. My '62 Strat is a childhood dream come true and I use it to play the blues for all my other guitars! Thanks John for making a potentially nervous process so easy. I'll be back.

 Hope this is ok. Seriously thankyou again. I can't put her away.

Cheers, Wayne - QLD


Hi John,

I am more than happy with my Maton Phil Manning. I spent a lot of time trying to find one as I had owned one in the eighties. I have had a set up done and apart from new strings and a few minor adjustments, the guitar is just as I imagined. The PM 1 has the most amazing neck and feels great when I play.

Premier Guitars were really great to deal with. Everything that John said would be done, was done and I was most pleased with the manner in which John looked after purchasing a case for me as well as making sure that the consignment was done safely and speedily.

I’ll certainly be dealing with Premier Guitars again.

Graeme - Melbourne


Buying a guitar online, sight unseen, can be a tricky and risky business. My experience with Premier Guitars proved that this is not necessarily the case. 

All my questions were answered promptly and professionally. Some adjustments were made for me by John and the guitar when it arrived was in pristine condition as advertised.

Excellent service. Buy with confidence. I really was very happy with John’s service.

Cheers, Steve - QLD


I have sold a number of high-end vintage guitars & amps through Premier Guitars.
From the moment I consigned these instruments through to the eventual sale(s) was a very smooth worry-free transaction.
I have nothing but praise for John's professionalism in handling the entire process. John informed me of every step during negotiations with potential sellers, & once the instrument(s) sold, I was paid very quickly.
I am currently downsizing my instrument collection & would not deal with anyone else. 
A quick look at the SOLD items on the Premier Guitars website should indicate to potential sellers the quality of the instruments that John has sold. 
I can wholeheartedly recommend John Spence & Premier Guitars

Brad - Sydney


Dear John - Thank you for a smooth and successful transaction. Your description of the guitar was right to the point and the vintage Les Paul arrived just as advertised. I truly appreciate your patience and deep knowledge of vintage guitars and am looking forward to our next transaction. 

Best regards, 

Anders – Connecticut USA


John is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to guitars and their market value.

His client base ensures you only get people you are serious about buying good gear while drop play your guitar.

From vintage collectors items to less expensive players guitars John's stock is always interesting and well priced.

Excellent communication and prompt payment make Premier Guitars my favourite place to buy or sell guitars.

Peter - Sydney


I have sold 2 guitars with John Spence, owner of Premier Guitars and dealings are always on a very professional level. Selling expensive vintage guitars on consignment can be a worrying experience but Premier Guitars make selling your precious instruments as simple as possible. Sale transactions after the sale are put through without any delay. I will definitely be selling more of my instruments through Premier Guitars in the near future.

For the record John, I think you and your company are fantastic.

Good Luck – Bill, Sydney


I’d been considering selling my rare Maton electric guitar for some time but wasn’t sure about how best to go about it. Most of the usual online sales sites I’d visited were an uncertain prospect, with literally thousands of local and international buyers and sellers, lots of ‘too good to be true’ deals, and numerous ‘players’ of questionable character out to make a deal - or a killing!

Then a mate from my band told me about John and Premier Guitars. He told me he’d sold various guitars through Premier over the years and spoke very highly of both the quality and integrity of the service on offer, and the price fetched for the guitars. I checked it out for myself and I’m now a satisfied seller who’s happy to recommend John’s business.

I recognised John immediately as a true guitar devotee as I remembered very well his involvement as producer of The Guitar Show, which featured on Australian TV screens a few years ago and also attracted something of an international following. (I’m sure you can still find it on YouTube!). To pull off a specialist show like that, and to make it as popular as it was, one has to be extremely knowledgeable, well connected in the industry, and yet able to convey technical concepts to a general audience. That’s John to a tee!

John knows his guitars, and has a deep passion for them. He knows how they work, how to fix them, what they’re worth and who might be interested in buying them via his specialist database of local and international guitar devotees. He’ll tell you the truth about your own instrument and its prospects, will do any required maintenance for a fair price, then will find the right potential buyers based on the unique or popular characteristics of the instrument you’re selling.

John will do the legwork for you will set out to get the best possible price. He’ll keep you in the loop about progress and adjust the sales pitch and asking price if necessary. And finally, he’ll find a buyer who will genuinely appreciate the guitar that’s been part of your life!

John’s been in the business a very long time and as such is able to offer a premium service that takes the hassling and haggling - and the risk! - out of selling or buying guitars. I’m very happy to recommend Premier Guitars to buyers and sellers who are passionate about their music - and their instruments - everywhere.

Paul - Sydney


Working through the process of buying a guitar online was at first a little unnerving, however John was right across the need to ensure I was          happy with the sound and condition of the Worthy Sunbeam acoustic 6-string. Skyping with earphones to listen to John play was a great way to get a good vibe for this guitar. John was obliging and allowed time for me to me to be settled and happy with it before taking the next step. 

The payment process from my end went a bit awry but John was patient as we kept in touch and sorted it out. The guitar was delivered well packed, safe and sound to my doorstep. 

The guitar was as described and gorgeous. I was purchasing it as a gift but when it arrived was tempted to keep it and get another as the gift; it was that lovely. Nevertheless I didn’t keep it and the new owner is besotted with it, as are all her music colleagues. 

I should note that I already knew David Worthy’s reputation for making stunning instruments and I had done additional research of my own to ensure it would be fit for purpose.

I highly recommend Premier Guitars and John’s services. It was a good experience and a straightforward  process for such an important purchase. I found John to be honest and accurate in his appraisal of the instrument. I will not hesitate about returning to make further purchases when the need arises.

Kate, Melbourne


I searched the net for a 1960's Maton Classical guitar similar to the one that my mum bought me in my youth .

Very difficult to find .

I discovered one on Premier Guitars .

The description John gave me was accurate and the price very fair .

I am very happy with my purchase from Premier Guitars .

I recommend Premier Guitars as a safe and honest website .

Wayne, Sydney


To fellow guitar enthusiasts -

I recently had the pleasure of dealing with John Spence at Premier Guitars in Sydney.

He assisted with the sale of a Gibson bass, and the process was handled professionally and very amiably.

I would have no hesitation in recommending John's enterprise to anyone in the same situation - plus the guitars on display are amazing.

Regards, Harry - Sydney


After owning my precious and loved Stratocaster for 43 years the time had come for it to move into its next phase. Thank you to John at Premier Guitars for helping me through this difficult and hard decision. My beloved Guitar is now doing what it has always done and is meant to do but with a new owner who will take her into its next life just like I did from its original owner back in the 70’s. In 2022 I will wish her a happy 60th Birthday from afar and cherish the many times I was blessed to play her. Thanks John

Mark - Sydney


Hi John. As a second-time buyer, I again want to thank you for organising my recent Fender Telecaster purchase.

As I mentioned to you by phone, your guitar descriptions are accurate and the photos are clear and useful. This gives me confidence as an interstate buyer with no opportunity to personally inspect the guitar.

The Tele arrived in exactly the condition I expected, with real care taken with bubble-wrapping and packing to minimise any chance of damage. Two days door-to-door delivery to Melbourne in the week before Christmas was impressive!

Best Wishes, Andrew – Melbourne


Just wanted to thank Premier Guitars for selling my vintage Martin & Collings 290 this year. The process was straight forward & professional

on every level, no grey areas, to stress about, prompt payment within days of the sale. I can’t think of another high end second hand dealer in Sydney I would trust - Premier Guitars is it.   

Best Regards Karl – Sydney


Hi John. You run a great show. I am happy of course to give my opinion: 

"John provides an invaluable service in this country (and even more so in Sydney) to those who have arrived at the point where glossy, untouched, immaculately conditioned instruments are a big second to great tone."

Happy New Year John. See you soon.


Tim - Sydney


I had amassed way too many guitars and needed to cut the collection at least in half but hated the idea of dealing with "tyre kickers", “lowballers", and "no-show-ers” on the various on-line sale sites... Then I discovered Premier Guitars.

Turned out that John Spence ran the joint and as I had met John a few times in the past, I had no hesitation in handing my babies over to him. Within a week the guitars were on the site and had started selling. The money came through to my account and of course some went back to John when I found a Strat I just “had to have”. Its a beauty too.

I could not speak more highly of John and Premier Guitars.

Cheers, Darren - Sydney


I have been searching for an excellent PRS Custom 24 for a while now. Buying one online has always been an ordeal.

I stumbled across one in stunning condition on Premier Guitars site and contacted John. He responded within a few hours, was extremely knowledgeable about PRS guitars and intimately knew the guitar I was interested in.

The transaction was smooth and fast and I received my guitar on Christmas week against the odds. What a guitar, what a service!

Well done Premier Guitars, you have a new repeat customer who is thankful for the dream guitar. 

Regards, Steve - VIC


Hi John,

Thank you for facilitating the purchase of my first Collings electric guitar.  Purchasing online can be a little scary, let alone the purchase of a high end guitar - sight unseen.   Your description of the guitar, coupled with the detailed photography was very assuring.   The 290 arrived and the leap of faith has certainly paid off.  After an evening with the Collings, I have realised that there is something highly existential about knowing that music has already been made with this particular instrument.  Your selection of courier was also fantastic, given the guitar only left Premier Guitars 24 hours earlier for a road trip interstate.  My next goal:   Collings City Limits.  I am sure I will be back in touch soon.

Regards, Shane - QLD


Buyer Testimonial.

As a professional pianist with slender knowledge of guitars it was with some trepidation that I approached Premier Guitars to fulfil an almost forgotten childhood dream of buying (and hopefully soon playing) a guitar. I needn't have been concerned. John was warm, welcoming, knowledgeable, helpful and understanding. I highly recommend Premier Guitars. 

Louise - Sydney


Seller Testimonial –

Premier Guitars is the number 1 place to contact if you want to buy or sell a quality vintage guitar in Australia. John is an excellent and honest person, with an excellent knowledge of the instruments he deals with. 

John sold a 60s Epiphone Archtop for me. While it was with him it was held in his very secure lockup. Potential buyers only deal with John. So I knew my guitar was 100% safe while waiting to be sold.

John only deals with the finest quality instruments, so he has a very specific, genuine, clientelle constantly inquiring.

The guitar was sold for a fair price, so the buyer and myself are both happy. John also receives a fair remission. Everyone involved in the sale was treated fairly.

If I sell another one of my guitars I will definitely put it with John.

Mal - Wollongong.


Buyer Testimonial –

I visited Premier Guitars from Sweden in late October. I like to play and examine instruments in a relaxed environment, and at Premier Guitars I got the chance to test every instrument and amplifier that I wanted. I got all the time I needed so I could find out which instrument felt right for me.

I can say that it was a perfect guitar experience to visit your showroom. Besides the guitars and amps - the coffee is really important !

Goran – Sweden


Buyer Testimonial -

100% what you see is what you get ! Have risked buying a few pre-loved guitars & basses online, and it can be a tad hit & miss. The guitar I bought from Premier Guitars is/was better than

I had expected, everything about it was as described if not better ! Service via John Spence

was superb, prompt, efficient, friendly and he’s obviously a geniune lover of what he does.

Recommended without an inch of doubt.

Phil Judd (ex Split-Enz, Swingers, Schnell Fenster)


I found Premier Guitars after searching for a company that could help me sell my beloved Schecter Strat that I had owned for over thirty Years.

I did not want to sell it to the open market but wanted to find an enthusiast for the brand who would enjoy playing the guitar well into the future.

After discussing a possible consignment sale through Premier Guitars I felt entirely comfortable leaving the Schecter with them. It was obvious that the company had built up a strong following of clients who would seek out John to help with a sale or purchase.

John checked the guitar before offering it for sale and made sure it was correctly set up and working well, he sent a link to the page that it was advertised on his web site, within a day or so he contacted me and told me he had interest and within another day the guitar was sold on my behalf. 

I cannot recommend Premier Guitars and John Spence highly enough; the whole experience was honest and so professional that I was made to feel comfortable through the entire process. 

You can be assured that John will take good care of your needs in either buying or selling quality instruments. 

Yours Sincerely, Denis - Sydney


I have dealt with Premier Guitars twice this year. On the first occasion, John delivered the excellent Martin, on the morning of my Sydney departure, to the accommodation I was staying at nearby. Yesterday, I received the great Tele via a courier, timely and safely (after playing it at Premier Guitars the week before). In both cases, it has been a pleasure dealing with John who is genuine about his assessments of the instruments for sale.

If you are interested in vintage/second-hand guitars, I seriously recommend considering Premier Guitars. 

Cheers, Anthony - Canberra  


If you’re looking to buy or sell a quality used guitar (or bass or amp) you should put John Spence at Premier Guitars at the top of your list.  He’s knowledgeable, interested and extremely fair. He knew a lot about the two instruments I was selling (one of which was an old ukulele that had belonged to my mother), gave an estimate higher than I’d expected, and paid promptly. My dealings with John were professional and very enjoyable – my only problem is that I was tempted to buy one of the lovely guitars on display! It was a very enjoyable experience and I can’t recommend John too highly. 

Linda, Sydney


Selling a guitar is a particularly difficult process. After originally intending to sell my guitar and amp online myself, I discovered the time I was spending on the process was not worth my troubles. I was lucky to find John Spence at Premier Guitars. He was able to sell my guitar at a price far higher than I expected. Not only that, but my guitar, not a particularly in demand model, was sold in a relatively short time. The experience was very easy and I now know where to go to sell, or buy, my guitars in the future. I highly recommend Premier Guitars. 

If you want to edit it in anyway, just send a copy and I will approve it for you. I appreciate your work.

Kind Regards, Russell – Sydney


My experience with Premier Guitars was outstanding, John is great to deal with, knows his products well, so of the top of his head was able to answer any questions I had about the guitar I ended up purchasing straight away.

Invoicing, was easy, shipping was fast and very economical. The Les Paul itself is amazing, I’ve had it since June and there’s hardly a day it hasn’t been played!

I highly recommend Premier Guitars and will be making future purchases from them.

Dale - Victoria


Following the death of my brother Tony, I found myself the owner of his beloved ’52 Fender P-Bass. Normally, this should not have been a problem, but Tony had decided to return to Sydney near the end of his life with his ‘elderly’ bass. When the time came for him to cross over to the other side, empty-handed of course, this meant that the bass remained in Sydney.

However, for me, living on the other side of the planet, my dilemma became: How does one find a reputable, musical instrument sales agency when you are 17,000 km away? The perspective appeared to be rather like looking for a needle in a haystack. So, I did quite a bit of internet research, and in the end trusted my gut feeling and contacted a well-known Sydney Fender specialist.

Ultimately, he suggested that the man who could do the job was someone he knew very well and who was totally trustworthy. That person was John Spence of Premier Guitars. John had previously seen the bass and wanted to take Tony's lovely (his word) P-bass on board. He carried out a very thorough inspection/analysis of the instrument and provided me with a detailed written assessment. 

The rest is history! I can’t thank John enough for finding a buyer, or perhaps, the buyer found Premier Guitars as a result of his marketing efforts. In any event, what I really appreciate about John is his very no nonsense, clear-cut professional approach. With John, you know where you are going and what the exact terms are—no fuss, no muss. It was a pleasure to deal with you John. Thank you so much.

Kind regards – Robyn - Paris


Hi John,

I hope this is not too over the top! However it is from the heart. Here it is:

I bought a 78 Left handed Fender Stratocaster many years ago when I was regularly playing live around the suburbs. Over the years I stopped playing it and it just slept in its case silently hoping someone would make her sing again. Then I thought, its time to find her a good home but I had absolutely no idea how to sell the guitar. I new gumtree would not be a good place to start so I called the Fender shop in the city to get some advise. Thankfully they put me onto John Spence of Premier Guitars. So I arranged to take my Strat down to see John. He looked over my guitar very carefully and with obvious experience and expertise in such matters new more about it than I did! I then agreed to let him take it on consignment. John told me what the guitar was worth today and eventually sold it for that exact price.  Meeting John Spence was the best decision I have ever made as I know the new owner will take good care of her and do her justice. I would not hesitate to recommend Premier Guitars to anyone who wishes to part with their beloved instrument. Thank you again John.

Regards, Craig – Sydney


Seller Testimonial -

Thanks John, for your professional approach to selling my vintage guitars. Ever since I made contact with you several years ago, when I was thinking of moving my some of my old guitars, you were always very helpful and honest. Your professionalism and knowledge were bang on, which led to a very quick sale.

I was very impressed with the detail that you went to, to explain every facet of the guitars' authenticity, known history and condition. You are my go-to guy for all things vintage. I can thoroughly recommend the services of Premier Guitars.

Many thanks - Lindon - North Coast NSW


Buyer Testimonial -

As a first time customer of Premier Guitars I was impressed with the prompt responses to queries and superb customer service. I purchased my instrument online and couldn't be happier with the transaction. I will certainly be a repeat customer.

Matt - Adelaide


I have recently purchased a guitar from John at Premier Guitars.

The guitar arrived in less than 48 hours, securely packaged in great condition exactly as advertised. 

I found John great to deal with and very knowledgeable. I would have no hesitation in recommending Premier Guitars to any potential customers. 

Darryl - Nowra


The Ibanez AR100 arrived to me in Melbourne in less than 48 hours, and is absolutely on the button, and exactly as described on your website.  I am delighted with both the guitar, and with the overall experience of dealing with Premier Guitars.

In over 40 years of buying guitars in Australia and the USA, this is the first time I have ever acquired an instrument sight unseen, so we have broken new ground for me here!  Premier Guitars made it easy, however, and I have to say, John, that I gained a lot of confidence in speaking with you directly about the guitar, and feeling the obvious passion you have for your business and for the instruments you are selling.  Couple all this with the best guitar sales website known to man, and you now have a convert.

Keep up the great work, John.  I’m watching the website closely for the next “must have it” guitar to appear.

Peter - Melbourne


I purchased a guitar from John at Premier Guitars in June 2018 and found it to be a very positive experience. John is extremely professional and prompt to answer any questions regarding the often hard to find instruments he sells. John went above and beyond helping negotiate a good price when I was trying to decide between a couple of guitars.

I would thoroughly recommend checking out the high quality instruments on offer at Premier Guitars as you are bound to find something that will tempt you!

Greg - Sydney



Buyer Testimonial -

To start with, fantastic service, a font of information, willing to share - I can highly recommend John and Premier Guitars. I recently purchased the 1949 Maton Mayfair Royale archtop, an Aussie classic and some could say a risk, BUT I can honestly say, dealing with John, and what I received, lives up to and beyond my expectations….. amazing condition considering its age and a gem to play. It’s now with a very appreciative buyer & home, me. Working with John was a breeze, quick replies to emails, phone calls ......  he went out of his way to make sure this very big bodied guitar, without a case, travelled and was delivered safely. It’s now housed in an appropriate case for such a Maton classic. Would I recommend Premier Guitars ? – ABSOLUTELY

Thanks John, Dennis - Melbourne


Seller Testimonial -

"My husband and I inherited a lovely old Maton Mayfair from our uncle Norm Scott (The Singing Stockmen) and it had sat on a stand for over 8 years now.  It had great sentimental value and historically belonged to one of the pioneers of the Australian country music scene of the 1930's.  We didn't know too much about it as Uncle Norm died some 28 years ago. We were given a lead to John at Premier Guitars by a friend in the audio business - stating "John was a decent bloke and should look after you".  We made the decision to pass the Maton onto someone who would either play it, or at least love it.  John was so professional and I have to say his research is second to none.  We loved the information he found about our old guitar.  He did a lovely job in restoring it and now we are happy to see it go to someone who will treasure it particularly because of its history."

With thanks, Adele - Sydney


Buyer Testimonial -

I’m really happy with the Premier Guitars' service. John, the proprietor, was very responsive on the e-mail and easy to engage. I took a bit of a leap of faith by purchasing the Speed Twin amp on line and not being able to play through it beforehand. However, John’s description of the amp and its condition was spot on. The amp was delivered promptly and it was well packed so it arrived without any damage, and of course, sounding amazing. Overall, this was a great customer experience and I would recommend Premier Guitars to all my muso friends.

Thanks, Igor - Melbourne



Seller Testimonial

I recently sold an archtop through Premier Guitars. John said at the beginning he would find a buyer and he did. He suggested what I thought was an ambitious price and he got it. I couldn’t be happier, but I wasn’t surprised by the result. 

I’ve known John Spence for over thirty years and he is, and has always been, a trustworthy, straight-forward, professional person to deal with. And he knows and loves guitars. The showroom of beautiful, cherished instruments is a testament to the trust guitarists have for John. Why would you take your baby anywhere else?

Even if you don’t live in Sydney, try to get in to see John at the showroom. You may be selling, but there’s a good chance you’ll leave with a new musical companion…or at least be seriously thinking about it. 

Thanks John. Selling through Premier Guitars was a great experience.

Ed - Burleigh Heads


Seller Testimonial -

John at Premier Guitars is nothing short of professional and has all the integrity you'd expect in someone that runs a successful business like his. He is methodical, meticulous and he really knows his guitar s%!t!!!

Obviously I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him when buying or selling the instruments we love!

Regards, Jim – Sydney 


I listed my Gibson guitar for resale with John Spence at Premier Guitars.  From first contact through to sale I was impressed with the professional attitude to the sale process starting with initial interview, detailed valuation discussion and mutual price agreement.  The sale happened very quickly realising the asking price.   This was a very respectful personal process and it was very much appreciated.  I would strongly recommend Premier Guitars to anyone looking to sell a vintage instrument as the business is well connected to prospective buyers.  With this in mind I have already asked Premier Guitars to keep an eye out for my next specialist vintage guitar and have high confidence that John will find exactly what I asked for in due course.

thanks and kind regards, Jonathan - Sydney


Buyer Testimonial -

Hi John. I have received the Kalamazoo guitar. Excellently packed and in perfect condition inside and out. No complaints here, your description was spot on. I'll be watching your site for other future purchases of guitars.

Thanks again, Ken - QLD


Hi John

Further to my earlier email: I’ve had time now to sit down and play the guitar and wanted to let you know my thoughts (and feel free to use this comment as you like).

Despite being far from the most expensive guitar in the inventory the care taken to prepare my purchase for transport was second to none.

It arrived promptly and I was playing it ‘out of the box’.

Sound and condition wise it was exactly as John described and a joy to hold and play. 

I’m already looking forward to my next transaction with Premier Guitars!

Thanks again John - I’m really enjoying this guitar (it has the most comfortable classical neck I’ve played!)

Cheers, Matt – QLD 


Hi John, 

The Tele came in today, safe and sound! 

She’s a beauty and I’m very happy to have her. 

Thanks so much

Eruch – Hollywood USA


Seller Testimonial -

Upon leaving two guitars on consignment recently I had the pleasure of meeting John who was very sincere and accommodating. In less than two months, Premier Guitars found a buyer and sold one of the guitars with no fuss at all following prompt payment.

Premier Guitars and John are a rarity in today’s music business industry - John strives for excellent customer service and delivers

Thank you John! Alex - Sydney


Having recently bought a guitar from John at Premier Guitars, I would like to express my view on how much easier and more professional it is than buying vintage items on other websites. John is experienced in his field and it is really beneficial to be able to talk to someone in person about a guitar one may be interested in as opposed to having write questions to a “seller” on ebay and other similar forums.

I just found it very easy - it was all handled professionally and I recommend Premier Guitars as a serious way to shop for really good products.

Chris - QLD


Very happy to recommend Premier Guitars. I just purchased 2 great Guitars from John Spence.

A Tommy Emmanual Maton and a Jerry Jones Shorthorn

John made the visit to Premier Guitars an enjoyable experience. No hurry, no fuss, and the guitars were as described on the website. John is a really nice guy, very helpful and has a terrific knowledge of classic guitars. I was a bit overwhelmed at the array of classic instruments displayed in the showroom. A bit of a history of Classic guitars. I could have spent a week there. 

I can’t recommend Premiere Guitars highly enough. So If you’re in the market for something special, Premiere Guitars is the place to go first.

So Thanks John, had a great afternoon, enjoyed our chat and finished up with two beauties I thought I’d never own. Very Happy 

Regards, Paul – Sydney


I've now sold two guitars through Premier Guitars (Gibson SG and Fender Select Stratocaster) and wouldn't hesitate to sell (or buy) from them in the future.

Jon – QLD


I highly recommend John and Premier Guitars, dealing with him was an absolute pleasure and a very quick process. Being an interstate buyer I obviously had the usual concerns we all have, however the guitar was just as described and the transaction quick and easy. I would certainly buy again from John and highly recommend his services and wish him all the best. 

Jon – Melbourne


Buyer Testimonial -

Hi John. A great experience to visit Premier Guitars show room and test drive some classic and near classic guitars in the comfort of your premises. Some great rock stories exchanged and it was fascinating to hear the stories you related about some of the very fine guitars you had on display. Your patience and understanding was very much appreciated allowing me to make the right choice for me and I am delighted with the Custom Tele which was as described on your website and made the whole purchasing process a pleasure.

I can highly recommend Premier Guitars and John to anyone looking for great guitars and other gear to buy or sell with confidence. Realistic prices and well researched information means buyer satisfaction is a positive for me. Did I mention what a great guitar player John is and this allowed the guitars to breathe and be at their very best. Just a great all round no pressure music experience. Thanks John and best wishes to you and your team. I expect I will be calling you again for your expert assistance with my next purchase or sale.

Regards, Brett – Sydney  


My experience with Premier Guitars was extremely positive.  Purchasing from overseas is always somewhat worrisome, but Premier Guitars guided me through the process with honest and timely information and accurate communication.  All aspects of the transaction were professional, and the guitar was packed very well and shipped immediately.  There were no "surprises", a good thing when purchasing an instrument without being able to first inspect it in person.  Thank you Premier Guitars!

Best regards, Edward - Taipei


I was happy to find this second hand Gibson Firebird VII at Premier Guitars. Pleasant email discussions with John about it. The guitar was shipped with strong packaging and is really in mint condition as described. An incredible Gibson.

 Thank you - Mathieu - France


I highly recommend Premier Guitars. I'm based interstate so my only point of contact with the store was through phone and email. Nevertheless, the service was outstanding and they sold my guitar with no fuss and no hidden fees. John is a great operator and I look forward to dealing with him again. 

Many thanks, Matteo - Adelaide


Hi John,

You can put this on your site no problems -

"I bought two guitars from Premier and they shipped them interstate at low cost, they were packed well and the guys were a pleasure to deal with. If you want fantastic guitars at reasonable prices, Premier have them."

Also – “Hey John – The Gibbo Deluxe LP is the greatest and lightest Les I've ever played. It’s a killer. Cheers buddy. 

Chris – Perth


Rosewood Strat which I get from Premier Guitars was absolutely perfect thing and there was very good communication with Premier Guitars. They gave me many of advices and it helped me a lot. Shipping was fast and they were so kind even use terrible English (I'm a Japanese buyer).
Thank you so much and I wanna get guitars from there again!!

Regards, Ryota  - Tokyo


I am a first time customer to Premier Guitars. I was interested in a lovely Hamer Artist series instrument but I reside in Perth which meant I couldn’t play the guitar, so it was important I received an accurate assessment of the guitar over the phone. I spoke to John and he nailed it. John spent the time explaining every detail of the instrument so when I received the guitar there were no surprises. Needless to say the guitar was perfectly described. Overall a great experience. Shipping was fast. Couldn’t ask for any better. Highly recommended..

Regards, Guido - WA


Dealing with John was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. I'd had a few too many guitars lying around for ages and it was time to thin the herd, but I hadn't been getting any luck on Gumtree or Facebook groups. After bringing the guitar over, John was able to identify the specific model and provide me with a breakdown of my options. I walked away optimistic but not wanting to get my hopes up, as I had been trying to sell the guitar for a long time. Less than two months later and the money is sitting in my account! While I hope I don't have to sell another guitar anytime soon, I will definitely be going back to Premier Guitars when I do.

Alex - Sydney


Thanks John,
I love my new vintage guitar and appreciate the ease, efficiency and speed that it took to complete this transaction. I hope that we can do business again in the future.
Cheers Jono - Bris


I can’t recommend Premier Guitars highly enough. What an amazing collection of pre-loved instruments and what a nice environment to play them. John was extremely patient, which was lucky. So many guitars related to what I was looking for. Very helpful and very knowledgeable. I am absolutely loving my guitar!

If you’re looking for an interesting guitar do have a look at his website and give him a call. 

David - Sydney


Hi John,

It was a pleasure dealing with you and in receiving such a glorious guitar (Phoenix by B3). The sound and feel of this guitar is everything you said and more – I love it, and I appreciate the honesty in your commentary regarding this guitar when compared with the many others available (mostly from the classic brands). The guitar arrived beautifully packaged and given some of past experiences with courier companies; I was very thankful.

Thanks John – I look forward to returning to your shop in the very near future!


Jono - Perth



I purchased my MIM Deluxe Players Stratocaster from John at Premier Guitars. The instrument was exactly as advertised, no nasty surprises - if anything it was better than I expected. 

John was a pleasure to deal with, professional and friendly.

If you need a great instrument or amplifier, budget ir hi-end vintage, look no further than Premier Guitars.

Highly recommended.

Matt, satisfied customer - Sydney.


Premier Guitars offers great advice and service when I want to sell. John is very knowledgeable and has helped me access buyers across Australia through his website. As a result, John has sold a few guitars for me at good prices and his service is always helpful and efficient.

Cheers, Paul - Brisbane


The things that make dealing with John Spence a big plus and a breath of fresh air are appreciating that the guitars he has on consignment are mostly high end and properly described on the website with some of them played in videos, then inspecting the ones of interest by playing and getting good reliable information about them, then, most importantly for me, being assisted to work out the right one to choose. It is such a pleasure to be in a room full of finely crafted instruments. The rest of the purchase process is also a breeze.

Thanks again, David - Darwin


Hi John, 

Just wanted to say a quick thanks (again) for facilitating the Gibson ES 345 sale to me - it’s a masterpiece of an instrument and after a few sessions and a couple of gigs I’ve quickly realized it’s as special as I thought - so thanks fella.

Cheers, Glen - NSW


I'm extremely happy with John and Premier Guitars for selling my guitar. When I searched for possible dealers the Premier Guitars website impressed me, and and it spelled out clearly how John operates.

I was apprehensive about shipping my valuable guitar to Sydney, but John's arrangements were quick, effective and economical. 

In all our dealings John has been professional, knowledgeable and helpful. The price I realised was what I had hoped for, and the money was in my account two days after the sale. 

Thank you again, John. 

Geoff - Brisbane


Hey John,

After a while now with my awesome Martin D28, I just wanted to thank you for the whole process. I came in looking at another guitar which was also great, but you encouraged me to find the right guitar, one that "fit" me. And I did. The shop is like a playground for guitar tragics! Your knowledge was really important in finding the the right axe for me. It was beyond my budget at the time but the lay-by facility sealed it. A few weeks of high anticipation later it was mine, all mine.  Me and the guitar are now ONE. I'll be back for an electric that lights my fire before too long.

All the best, Murray - Sydney


Pleasant and easy purchase from John at Premier Guitars. Love the guitar. Will be back for another when the right one pops up 

Cheers, Justin - Sydney


Hi John 

I had a wonderful experience Having my guitar sold (fast) through Premier Guitars. The process was handled with great care and attention to detail. I would recommend anyone that wants to sell their guitar, sell it through Premier!

Thanks, Stu - Sydney


Hey John. The guitars arrived safely and promptly in Tassie, and they are exactly as expected. Fantastic instruments - so happy to have them in the collection. Thanks again for your help. It’s great having such detailed photos and descriptions and a pleasure to deal with you. Hopefully we can do it again soon!

Pete - Tasmania


I have now experienced both sides of Premier Guitars, both buying and selling. I have been burnt in the past by unscrupulous guitar dealers and am extremely cautious, especially when it comes to more expensive items. I would thoroughly recommend John and his business - he is extremely knowledgeable and well researched. John will always answer an enquiry, return a call or send a message, you won’t be left in the dark.

Cheers, Stu – NSW North Coast


"Thanks John for your all expertise and support in selling my guitar.

The prospect of preparing, advertising, pricing, fielding queries.

negotiating and delivery was something I could not have done as

professionally as you have so kudos to you for your knowledge and


Thanks again! – John, Sydney


Hi John,

The magnificent 1962 Fender Bassman amp arrived in Brisbane precisely as promised. Whilst it is the same age as me, it is actually in better condition and sounds incredible. I'm always nervous making significant purchases sight unseen from afar, but this was a seamless snd very honest transaction and I'd not hesitate for a moment making a similar purchase from a Premier Guitars in the future. Thanks again.

Rick - Brisbane


Well done John and Premier Guitars the antique Ibanez I bought from you was exactly as described, the transaction easy and the delivery quick and efficient. Well done on all counts a pleasure regards Ray

Ray – Tasmania


I can’t praise John and Premier Guitars highly enough.  John works with integrity, honesty and transparency.  He has been a delight to work with and he has been able to help me immensely in selling a number of instruments that he has now placed in good homes.  I will continue to work with John with confidence.  Having been involved in the music for many years in a past life it is a breath of fresh air to meet someone of John’s calibre.  I can’t recommend John and the service he offers highly enough!

Cheers, Brad – NSW N Coast


Hi John!

Got my Mandocello today!  What a beautiful cello!  It is just as you said it was, which I had no doubt about.  Thank very much, very much.  It arrived in great shape.  I took it out of its case, looked it over and tuned it and it sounds great, quite the voice. And, it was a great price and the exchange rate helped offset the s/h for me. 

Thanks again and best to you and yours! 

Lynn - USA


I have both sold and bought guitars through John at Premier guitars. From a buyer's perspective: John went above and beyond to find the right instrument for me and was honest and helpful throughout the whole process. I have had the guitar for months now and every day I love it even more. Thanks so much John. From a seller's perspective: John sourced a few buyers and priced the guitar correctly. It sold within a few weeks. John at Premier Guitars is a professional and you won't be disappointed. Just saving the pennies and I'll be back for sure!  

Cheers Chris – Sydney 


Hi John, I trust all is going well. Just a short note to thank you for your assistance in allowing me to purchase the fantastic James Goodall RCJ through Layby. 

It was great that you had one of these (rare in Australia) Goodall guitars for sale. I have been searching for over a year to buy one in Australia and thankfully you had the model I was looking for.

Everything you described about the guitar including the excellent condition was accurate. It is an awesome guitar and I wanted to thank you in writing. 

I’m sure I will be buying from you again when you next have a particular guitar I am looking for in stock. Thank you for your professional service.

Kind regards, Spiro - Perth 


Seller Testimonial – 

Hi John 

Thank you for selling my Fender Deluxe Telecaster, loved the quick payment and clear communication. 

I’ll definitely be dropping in to see the amazing collection of guitars and amps you have soon.

Regards, Bart - Bondi


Buyer Testimonial –

G'day John

the Starfire safely arrived today and drop dead gorgeous is is too :-) Your photographs, as wonderful as they are, just don't do it justice - it's a seriously beautiful thing. As you know, this instrument was purchased as a gift for my friend but all of us here would be delighted to keep this instrument for ourselves - it plays so beautifully. Thank you once again for going above and beyond the call of duty taking those neck measurements and offering a precise description of the neck profile - it has all been greatly appreciated. The Starfire should be in Anna's possession sometime next week and what a delighted young lady she will become.

Sincere regards & happy everything

Glenn – Melbourne


Buyer Testimonial – 

G-day John.

Just wanted to say thanks for the great service. I was in guitar heaven in your shop by the way. The Mesa Boogie cabinet I purchased  from you was exactly what I was after and it's working an absolute treat. Couldn't be happier.

Thanks again.  Ian - Melbourne


Buyer Testimonial – 

For several years I have been half-heartedly searching the traps for a fine 12 string guitar - including many visits to guitar shops in Nth America on my occasional trips over there. Whilst I saw some nice instruments, the biggest question that always loomed was: "Do I really need a 12 string?" - and of course, the answer to that is NO ...... you don't "Need" one. 

When I eventually discovered John Spence's guitar shop in Brookvale, and his astounding collection of instruments, all that changed. When my eyes and ears feasted on a beautiful Martin D12-28, I was blown away by the quality and condition of this (8 yr old) instrument ...... and "Need" suddenly fell right out of the equation - I bought it straight away! 

Do yourself a favour - visit Premier Guitars. There is nothing but quality in his shop ....... and while the old adage always holds true: "You Get What You Pay For" ....... I found John's pricing methods very fair, and right on the mark.

Thanks John, I haven't stopped playing my new baby - and thanks as well, for the grand tour of your shop.

Cheers, John – Wollongong


Buyer Testimonial – 

I would to say a few words about John Spence and PREMIER GUITARS. Firstly, John has a tremendous knowledge of guitars. But he is also a really genuine, nice guy and always has great advice for me. I have bought seven guitars from John and one more is coming. The guitars are always as John describes them - outstanding. I find his service second to none – QUALITY !!

Regards, Paul – Newcastle


Buyer Testimonial –

Finally ! :-)

The prize has finally landed here and it rocks. I am really happy about this first deal we had. Thanks for all, and maybe next time such vintage pedals land on your desk, feel free to contact me.

Cheers, Raphael - France


Buyer Testimonial –

Hi John. A few lines to say a big thank you regarding my recent purchase from Premier Guitars. The instrument was everything you described and your service was polite and informed. I am very happy with the outcome of the deal and I will be back. Many thanks again. 

Regards, Gary – Gold Coast QLD


Buyer Testimonial – 

Hi John. Just wanted to express how happy I am with my Greco Goldtop. Really spent some time playing her today. I'll keep it short and just say that it's a phenomenal guitar ! Thanks for making the whole buying experience such a pleasurable one. I'll  definitely take you up on your invite and drop by again to talk more guitar trivia over a cup of coffee.

I'll be recommending to all my guitar buddies that they come and check out your great selection of guitars, realistic prices and experience the vibe of your "guitar haven".

Many thanks, Chris - Sutherland


Buyer Testimonial –

Hi John. I'm loving the vintage Carson J Robison guitar I bought from you, particularly given that it's actually a 1930s Gibson, save the name on the headstock. Even if I hadn't bought the guitar, the visit to your showroom was worth the trip.

Cheers, Tony - Sydney


Buyer Testimonial –

I recently bought a 2011 Gibson Les Paul Special from John, who was playing with his band aboard a cruise ship when I first enquired. He was terrific in spite of difficult communications (being at sea and all) and held the guitar for me until his return. I met him at his old shop in Mona Vale and his passion for fabulous old guitars was obvious and it was difficult not to walk out the door with several under my arms. We spent at least an hour together chatting, playing and mucking about with different amps and guitars. Felt like time spent with an old pal, which was lots of fun. I felt like I was in the company of a top salesman but never felt pressured or hassled...

I have a few old classic guitars, which I’m not playing enough and soon I will sell them. I considered Ebay but truly believe that at the end of the day John will get me at least as much money, if not more for them and with minimum effort on my part.

Need I say more?

George - Sydney