SOLD - Fender American Deluxe Telecaster – USA 2005

by Fender

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From Fender –

Classic Tele look and tone! The American Deluxe Telecaster solidbody electric guitar sports a compound-radius fretboard that’s perfect for both rhythm and lead roles, plus a contoured heel that opens up those upper frets. Its lightweight alder body is comfortable, even after you’ve been playing for hours.

This American Deluxe Telecaster also features staggered locking tuners for tuning stability you’ll appreciate. A duo of N3 noiseless pickups gives you those Telecaster tones you love – bell-like and chimey, the way you want ’em – but without noisy hum.

Fender’s N3 Noiseless Tele pickups give the American Deluxe Telecaster guitar the classic spank and twang of traditional single-coil pickups, without the dreaded 60-cycle hum. Built with a stacked set of Alnico V magnets, N3 Noiseless pickups provide you with the same level of noise cancellation you’d expect out of humbuckers. But thanks to Fender’s cutting-edge design, N3 Noiseless pickups also hit your amplifier with the classic Tele warmth most stacked dual-coil pickups are missing.

The Fender American Deluxe Telecaster packs a wide range of tones thanks to its S-1 Switch. In the middle pickup position, this allows you to switch between series and parallel pickup wirings. Normally Teles are wired in parallel, but the series setting gives you a fatter, rounder tone that’s like a humbucker with the added bite of a single coil pickup.

The American Deluxe Telecaster is incredibly responsive to its tone control, giving you the flexibility to fine-tune your tone. But turn the no-load tone controller all the way up to 10, and the tone circuit is actually removed completely from the signal path. You’ll hit your amplifier with a hotter output and brighter tone than you’d get with normal tone circuits when you plug in with the American Deluxe Telecaster.”

Features –

  • A modern take on the classic Telecaster guitar
  • Alder body has the right balance of rich sustain and snappy note attack
  • Compound radius fretboard (9.5″-14″) gives you the best of two worlds for rhythm and lead playing
  • N3 Noiseless pickups give you iconic Tele tone without hum and buzz
  • S-1 Switch lets you switch between series and parallel pickup configurations for more tonal options
  • No-load tone control removes the tone circuit from your signal path for hotter, more aggressive tone

This is a nice looking American Deluxe Tele in good condition. Apart from all the features listed above this one plays great. This is guitar you would pick up and play at every gig because it plays so easily and covers so much ground. It has many pickup combinations which will allow you to find that unique Tele tone that speaks for you.

There is a hairline crack in the finish in either side of the neck pocket, but we believe these to be in the finish only and not through to the wood. This does not impede playability in any way, and these blemishes have been taken into account when pricing this instrument. They are very fine and unlikely to change over time, but they are there. See pics.

Weight is 9.6 lbs

This Tele is a great example of the best of classic design meeting modern updates in a nice package that is wonderfully familiar yet appealingly contemporary.

This guitar has been well looked after and presents in very good condition. It has been played and shows a couple of small dings on the sides, and some light swirling on the back but nothing offensive. The neck is clean & there’s no discernable fret wear.

Comes in its Fender hard case in good condition.


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