SOLD - Yamaha DG80-112 Combo Amp – Japan 2006

by Yamaha

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From Yamaha –

The Yamaha DG80-112 is one of Yamaha’s best-selling digital guitar amps ever, with sounds and features you won’t find in an ordinary guitar amp. You get articulate amp models and motorised knobs in an 80-Watt combo featuring a 12″ Celestion speaker. The on board digital effects include Tremolo, Chorus, Digital Reverb, Tape Echo and Speaker Simulation. Additional features include 128 Patch Locations, MIDI Effects Control, XLR Output with Speaker Simulation, Effects Send/Return with Blend Control, MIDI In/Out, and an extension speaker jack for connecting an external cabinet.

Eight presets offer the core tonal ingredients and the knobs let you further adjust the tone to you taste. A total of 80 factory patches give you a wide variety of tone settings to start with and there’s plenty of additional room for storing the sounds you’ve created on your own.

Mounted in the sturdy enclosure is a single Celestion “G12H-100” 12-inch speaker that is driven by 80-watts of quality power delivering reliable great tone and volume.

The DG80-112 has earned a reputation as a top choice amongst professional level guitarists. Guitar Player Magazine awarded the Yamaha DG80-112 their Editors Pick award in a shootout with other top digital guitar amps.

Features –

  • 80-Watts
  • 12″ Celestion Speaker
  • Motorised Chicken Head Knobs
  • 128 Patches
  • 8 Amp Types
  • Chorus, Delay, Reverb
  • XLR Output
  • Effects Loop

Specifications –

  • Digital Section: Complete Digital Signal Processing, Internal 8 Channel Preset, Digital Reverb (Spring, Hall, Plate), Digital Tape Echo, Speaker Simulator (Line Out)
  • Analog Section: 80W (8 ohm) Solid State Power Amp, 30cm Speaker (Celestion G12H-100) x 1
  • MIDI Function: Receive: Program change, Control Change (no. 7, 91, 94), Bulk In Transmit: Bulk Out, Merge Out
  • Front Panel Controls: Trim, Output, Gain, Master, Treble, High Mid, Low Mid, Bass (Time), Presence (Feedback), Reverb (Level)
  • Rear Panel Controls: Line Out volume, Effect Blend
  • Switch Controllers: Amp Select (Lead1, Lead2, Drive1, Drive2, Crunch1, Crunch2, Clean1, Clean2), Reverb, Mode, Store, Recall
  • Display Controllers: Amp Select display LED x 8, MODE display LED x 3, Reverb type display LED x 3, 7 Segment LED x 2 digits
  • Indicator: Trim Level Display LED (green), Trim Clip Display LED (red)
  • Connection Jacks: Input High/Low, Speaker, Effect Send/Return (Standard phone mono jack), Line Out (Canon jack), MIDI In, MIDI Out (5 pin DIN)
  • A/D Converter: 20 bit
  • D/A Converter: 20 bit
  • Sampling Frequency: 48 kHz
  • Memory Number: 128
  • Input Level/ Impedance: Input High: -30dBm (Thru)/1M ohm; Input Low: -20dBm (Thru)/1M ohm; Effect Return: 0dBm/120k Ohm
  • Output Level/ Impedance: Speaker: 80W RMS/8ohm; 100W RMS/4 ohm; LINE OUT: +4dBm/600 ohm; Effect Send: 0dBm/2.2k ohm
  • Power Requirements: U.S. and Canadian models: 120 V, 60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 100 W
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 542 x 510 x 284 mm (21.3″ x 20.1″ x 11.2″)
  • Weight: 25 kg

The Yamaha DG80-112 is an extremely flexible 1×12” combo guitar amp. The folks at Yamaha are fanatical about quality and this amp is no exception. From very clean to full distortion this amp has your tonal ranges covered. The motorised “chicken head” knobs move on their own when a new preset is selected. Seeing the knobs move on their own is very cool and something that is very useful to help you see where your controls are as you change sounds.


Here’s a very interesting review from LA-based guitarist and songwriter John Sommer –

Why would a guitar player (me) with a studio chock full of vintage, tube amplifiers, even consider using this digital Wunderkind? Well it took just five minutes at the helm of this “eighth wonder of the guitar amp world” for this “tubehead” to come round. My arms had to be twisted to get me to try it, but once I did, my hat was tipped to the technical wizardry of Yamaha. The combination of features gives the player access to a virtually unlimited array of sounds that rivals any of my vintage amps.

This combo amp has a retro-styled, open-backed cabinet fronted with an easily accessible control panel that houses both a digital display and a full complement of manual/servo-controlled knobs. Yes, all the tone knobs and effect mix controls “rotate” when you call up a memory selection to the exact positions they were when you last used those settings. Even though the tone and sound changes instantly when you recall a new memory location, the knobs slowly move into position. Recallable are eight basic pre-amps: Lead 1 and 2, Drive 1 and 2, Crunch 1 and 2 and Clean 1 and 2. Also on-board and recallable are digital effects including: three reverbs (spring, hall and plate); tremolo; gain (distortion); tape echo and chorus. Yamaha has opted (wisely) not to include the master volume (called Output) and the input level (called Trim) in the memory function. Besides the multiple tone and effects controls, there are MIDI in and out jacks and an XLR output connector for directly recording a simulated but realistically miked speaker sound.

In addition to 80 presets with names like Jazzin’, Soul Food or Dr. Punk, there are 128 programable memories. You can modify a factory preset and then name and store it in a user-memory location. Presets in memory can be off-loaded to your computer via MIDI System Exclusive Dumps and you can use a not-included MIDI Footswitch controller to step through memory locations as well as make “on-the-fly” parameter changes. All of this technology is coupled to 80-watts of power and two Celestion vintage ten-inch speakers.

The circuitry of the DG80 is based on digital modeling so there are no tubes, but I swear when this analogue freak took a vintage Les Paul flame-top, added a touch of Drive, a hair of echo and a little gain, I could hear my 6L6s vibrating. I’ve tried many other solid state and hybrid types of amps…for me NOT. This thing spun my head around, and that tube rattle, that growl and warmth that I get particularly with “tweed” era gear, the DG80 delivers.

In the studio, I generally prefer a miked amp; the DG80 is exceptional in that it is noise-free even with numerous effects loaded and cranked. The speaker simulator feature comes in handy in situations where leakage and noise are issues or simply where miking may not be practical. Not lightweight; it appears to be built like a tank, although I didn’t do a test-drop out of an airplane! The unit is easily transportable and is adaptable to any AC mains on the planet. “

This amp presents in new condition. It has been used home and with care at a handful of gigs some years ago. It has had no modifications and has been well looked after by a meticulous owner.

Comes in its tailor made DF2 cover which is not pictured but included in the sale. All documentation including owner’s manual and comprehensive pre-set booklet also included.


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