SOLD - Warmoth Modern Esquire – USA 2020

by Warmoth

$1,195.00 20263


What do you do when you’re locked down, can’t go out, still got some income, and lots of time on your hands ? Build a nice Esquire is what.

Here’s a “Covid Project” Esquire built this year from brand new Warmoth brand parts, made in USA.

Warmoth is a respected and long established guitar parts manufacturer based in Puyallup, Washington State USA. They are officially licensed by Fender to replicate vintage Strat, Jag, Jazzer and Tele parts, along with their own, and other brand’s components.

From Warmoth –

“Since 1980, Warmoth has been the standard in American-made bodies and necks for electric guitars and basses. During that time, we have helped countless players customize, personalize, and improve their instruments. We have also helped to pioneer many advancements in guitar technology, including the compound radius fretboard, the conversion neck, and the “drop-top” laminate top.

We use a blend of modern and traditional guitar-building techniques. CNC machines cut body and neck blanks. Most of the remaining work, from gluing binding and installing frets to spraying finishes, is completed by hand. Every step is performed by skilled crafts-people who care about building quality musical instrument parts, and who work hard to ensure that each neck and body we ship meets our standard of excellence.

Over the years many high-end, boutique builders have turned to Warmoth for their bodies and necks, including Valley Arts, Pensa-Suhr, Sadowsky, and others. We have also built custom parts for some of the most recognizable guitar and bass players in the world.”

Specs of this guitar:–

Body -

Warmoth Light Weight Swamp Ash Vintage Telecaster body

Natural roasted finish

Sculptured contours with arm relief & tummy cut

Toploader (no string holes)

Contoured Heel


Neck -
Roasted Maple Neck

Indian Rosewood (Dark) Fretboard
Nut Width  1 11/16"
Neck Profile - Boatneck
22 Frets        
Frets - 6100
Radius 10-16" Compound
Cream Face Dot Inlays
White Side Dots
Finish - No Finish
25-1/2" Scale
Standard 4 Bolt Mounting

The Boatneck is similar to a Vintage Tele 52 Reissue, but the thickness is the same from the first fret to the 12th

  • Thickness at 1st Fret: 1.00"
  • Thickness at 12th Fret: 1.00"

This results in the same fat feel in the palm, with a light V shape, but easier access for the fingers and thumb.


Hardware –

Gotoh Vintage Tuners

Wilkinson Toploader Bridge with compensated saddle

Tonerider Hot Classic Pickup – Alnico III - 9.1 K ohm

CTS Volume & Tone Pots

Tone bleed cap on volume control (no treble loss)

Weight is 7.1 lbs

This is a damn fine guitar. You won’t see this model of Esquire anywhere – unless you build it. And in this case, some else actually has. All the work’s been done, and the results are excellent.

It is a light and lively guitar with tone to burn. Lots a of pop and snarl from this single Tonerider pickup. And lots of tonal variation available with some judicial dialling of the high quality USA made CTS pots.

It is simple, straight-forward and it works.

Comes in a Hiscox LitePro case with a small crack which does not impede its function.


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