SOLD - Voodoo ’59 Humbucking Pickups by Peter Florance – USA 2015

by Voodoo

$995.00 21006


Peter Florance was a great guitar player, a highly regarded luthier and he knew about great tone. He operated out of Honesdale, Pennsylvania and hand-wound all of his pickups meticulously. 

One such set is Peter’s Voodoo ’59 pair which is described in his own words -

"There are certain things that make a great sounding old pickup, wire, magnets and some unqualified essence. This set of Voodoo 59s really sounds and feels like ’50’s pickups.

The neck position pickup features an ALNICO 3 magnet, and is perfect if you are after that low heat distortion while keeping note clarity at the same time. It has that classic Clapton neck position sound without the wooliness.

The bridge position pickup has an ALNICO 5 magnet. It produces excellent high end articulation, and lows with a “cello” quality.

This particular pair are brand new and unused. They were purchased by their one owner directly from Peter in 2015, but were never installed in a guitar. They come in their original plastic cases with cream coloured pickup surrounds, nickel covers, springs & screws.

Pickup readings of this pair – Neck: 8.12 K        Bridge: 8.35 K

Sadly Peter Florance died suddenly in May 2019. But his legacy lives on in these pickups, as there will be no more.

As a footnote, John Scofield’s personal Ibanez signature model prototype carries a set of Peter Florance Voodoo ‘59 humbuckers because apparently Ibanez has not yet been able to create a pickup to match the Voodoos.

Hear them here -




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