Vintage Roland AP2 Phase II Pedal – Japan 1970s

by Roland

$345.00 18102

Released in 1975, The AP2 was the quintessential sound of the Roland Phase.

It´s a 6-stage FET-based Phaser using NEC UPC324C chips. Essentially it looks like the phase side of the Jet Phaser or a simplified Phase Five with just “rate” and “resonance” knobs. This makes it a very straightforward delivery system for what amounts to a very tasty sounding phaser.

These are powered by two nine volt batteries in series giving 18V and have no external power adaptor. The input and output circuits use 9V which, while it doesn’t give you the large signal headroom you might expect with two batteries, it does actually allow the sound to break up a bit if you drive it – particularly with keyboards or an active guitar, making it a great addition to the studio as well.

These few years for Roland were big. Although effects pedals weren’t yet as popular as they were to become, Roland set the tonal groundwork and pushed the envelope with ideas and eventually in 1977 released the BOSS style pedals we all know so well. The OD-1 overdrive and the PH-1 Phaser were the first two BOSS pedals released with the PH-1 being a “compact” unit of this with only four stages instead of six.

In 1976 Roland came out with the now legendary CE-1 Chorus which was in the same enclosure as the Phase Five and the Jet Phaser. It has become one of the most sought after early effects, known for its lush and smooth sweep through a balanced tone and frequency range.

This one is in excellent unchanged condition, and includes its original box.

Here’s a link to a demo –


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