Vintage Moody GA 35 Combo Amp – Aust 1960s

by Moody

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Moody guitar amplifiers were made in the 1960s by R. Moody & Co. Pty Ltd, in their workshop at 126 Bombay Street Lidcombe, a suburb of Sydney.

The owner of the company was Bert (Robert) Moody (2/8/1924-30/7/2005). He moved out of the amplifier production business in the early 70s due to an inability to compete with the much cheaper imported Japanese amplifiers which were flooding into Oz at the time.

When production of amplifiers ceased, Bert Moody then formed an alliance with Baldwin Piano and Organ Company of the USA, and he then became the Australian importer of these instruments, and the Gretsch line of guitars.

Moody Amps were notable at the time for their styling and their predominantly cathode bias circuits. A good summary of their valve (or tube) guitar amplifiers can be found at this website -

Most Moody amps were based on similar Fender models of the period, which were almost impossible to buy in Australia, if at all.

This is a Moody GA 35 combo, featuring 2 original Rola 12K 12” speakers in perfect condition, plus a 6” Hi Flux unit to cover the high treble. They are all in pristine condition and sound superb after all these years.

The GA 35 is rated at 35 watts output, and it was similar in configuration the Fender’s Vibrolux, albeit with 12” speakers instead of 10s.

It is in superb cosmetic condition, with only a few scuff marks on the original white tolex. Remarkably the original grill cloth is also free of blemishes. And the Moody badge and accompanying gold chevron are present and undamaged.

All the original chicken head control knobs are present, plus the wonderfully funky original footswitches for reverb and tremolo.

Speaking of reverb, it is a great sounding spring driven unit which is contained in its own housing attached the interior side of the cabinet. And it features an ingenious locking system with which you can secure the spring and its housing while moving the amp, and so avoid the transit damage commonly experienced with spring reverbs.

As you can see in the pics, the pre-amp section is suspended from the top control panel, while the main amp output and transformers are sitting separately on the bottom of the cab. It seems Mr Moody was happy to bend the rules of guitar amp design if he thought it was beneficial.

Soundwise, this GA 35 is punchy, with good headroom - very clean with excellent clarity and tube driven warmth. And like the Fender circuit it is based on, when you tweak it a bit it starts to come to life – adding that vintage crunch and snarl we love. It takes pedals well, and will deliver a nicely compressed, overdriven sound when dialled up.

The tremolo circuit is very nice too – deep and rich, and very useable without being extreme.

This amp was bought by its current owner about seven years ago and it has been used solely in a home studio situation since then. It has been professionally serviced with valves replaced not long ago.

The original power cable has been replaced for safety reasons. But apart from that, nothing much has been changed on this lovely piece of Aussie cottage industry from the 60s.

Take it home, admire the design, plug it in and let her rip.


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