SOLD - Vintage Fender Tremolux Amp & Cabinet Blonde AA763 – USA 1964

by Fender

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The Fender Tremolux amp was built for 11 years, from 1955 to 1966. In 1960, Fender revamped its line, increasing power output, and several higher-output models were split into two pieces, head and cabinet.

These new versions also sported a Tolex covering instead of Tweed. Originally there were three colour variations offered – blonde, white and oxblood, with ‘brownface’ control panels with white knobs. Later in 1964 the standard covering changed to black tolex.

This is a Fender Tremolux in Blonde tolex and wheat-coloured grill cloth. The date codes printed on the tube placement chart inside the amp head are NC, indicating 1964 and March production.

The amp is paired with its original 2×10 inch speaker cabinet, also in blonde. Both original Jensen P10S speakers appear to be present, and are in great shape.

The amp is physically in excellent condition, with a no tears in the tolex covering or the speaker cabinet grill cloth. The head has its extending clamps, and the cabinet has its tilt-back legs, but the original head to cabinet lock-down bolts are missing.

The Fender Tremolux at this point was tubed with a 12AT7, 12AX7, two 7025s, a GX34 rectifier and two 6L6GC power tubes. Power output is 35 watts, like the related Vibrolux.

Features -
• Model: Tremolux
• Year: 1964
• Serial Number: A01261
• Black face control panel
• White ‘smooth’ Tolex and wheat grille cloth
• White knobs
• AA763 circuit
• 2 x 6L6 power tubes
• Raised Fender logo with tail

This amp is not quite as loud as it’s 2 x 6L6 cousin, the Bandmaster, but it sings sweetly in every way. Channel one on the left is set up to be super clean and will not start to crunch until about 7 or 8. Channel two with the tremolo and bright switch is biased a little hotter so it starts to bark a little earlier.

There have been some capacitors replaced as per usual with this era of Fender amp, but nothing else appears to have been touched. This amp was a US export and its original 117 volt transformer is in place. However, a subsequent owner has conveniently installed a quality stepdown transformer for use with 240v.

Its original footswitch is missing but a replacement is easily sourced if required.

The tone is all classic vintage Fender – super sparkly cleans and with a thick chunky midrange punch when dialled up some.

Once you’ve played through this amp you’ll be hooked, so be warned – this vintage Fender Tremolux is out to get you.


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