SOLD - Vintage Fender 6G8 Twin Amp – USA 1962

by Fender

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In 1953, Fender launched an amp that would become the industry standard for decades to come - the Twin. Named for its pair of 12" speakers, the Twin evolved in looks and power output through the 1950s. In 1955, it changed from a wide-panel 25-watt amp to a narrow-panel 50-watt amp. By 1958, the tweed Twin reached 80 watts. This high-powered version lasted until early 1960.

By 1960, most Fender amps were upgraded to a new style of brown Tolex covering with the control panel located in the front. Initially, the Twin was abandoned while Fender focused on the new Vibrasonic, which contained a single 15" speaker.

By 1961, the white Tolex Twin was released. It shared the colour scheme of the new “piggyback” series (amp heads paired with separate matching cabinets). This Twin had four 5881 power tubes putting out 80 watts like the ’50s version, but added the vibrato channel then featuring on most Fender amps at the time. The amp’s grille cloth had a dark maroon colour from ’61 to ’62, and a wheat colour from ’62 to ’63. The original Twin was supplanted in 1963 by the Twin Reverb which became one of Fender's all-time most iconic amps. 

We are told this Twin has been in Australia for quite some time. We know that its original 110 volt power transformer was professionally rewound for 240 v here in Sydney long ago, but we do not know by whom.

Upon internal inspection we believe this amp to be unchanged in its circuitry in any way. The original famed Ajax blue “Molded” tone caps are intact, providing the sweetness, clarity, and balance found with vintage Fender preamps of this era. All of the stock pots and carbon comp resistors are present as well, along with original cloth wiring. 

Its two Jensen P12N speakers are present and sounding great.

The solid pine cabinet is in excellent condition with rough blonde tolex, a solid pine baffle, and oxblood grille cloth. There are no rips or tears in either and only a few lightly worn, slightly discoloured areas. The original white barrel knobs and black handle are all present and in great shape. A later Fender footswitch is included.

Soundwise this Twin is a powerhouse. The cleans are big, bold and warm, with a huge range from the EQ controls and Fender's famed Harmonic Vibrato circuit. Unlike traditional tremolo (volume modulation), this circuit has true pitch shifting vibrato with Leslie-esque warbles and thick, pulsating swirls.

Overall this classic Fender amp has a very big and warm sound, with large transformers that keep the low end thick and focused, and lots of harmonic complexity available from its sweetly nuanced preamp circuit.

This ’62 Twin is the perfect middle ground between the dynamic, saturated tones of the earlier Tweed era amps and the clarity and shimmering cleans of the later famed Blackface line.

Video demo of exact same model -


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