Vintage Electro Harmonix Clone Theory – USA 1980s

by Electro Harmonix

$450.00 20286

Electro-Harmonix was founded by keyboard player Mike Matthews in 1968. During the mid-1970s Electro-Harmonix established itself as a pioneer and leading manufacturer of guitar effects pedals.

EH was the first company to introduce, manufacture, and market affordable state-of-the art "stomp-boxes" for guitarist and bassists, such as the first stomp-box flanger (Electric Mistress), the first analog echo/delay unit with no moving parts (Memory Man), the first guitar synthesizer in pedal form (Micro Synthesizer), and the first tube-amp distortion simulator (Hot Tubes).

This is an original vintage Clone Theory pedal from around 1980 – it is NOT the more compact recent reissue. It is basically a chorus pedal which can also provide vibrato and flange style sounds.

The original Clone Theory analog chorus features bucket brigade circuitry, flange and vibrato, controls for rate, depth and chorus/vibrato (delay time), switch for chorus/flange and separate dry & effect outputs.

The pedal has three jack sockets: One is OUTPUT, there is a DIRECT OUT and the last one is INPUT. Next to these three sockets there are three Controls: One for CHORUS/VIBRATO another one for RATE and last control is for DEPTH.

There is also a small toggle switch which gives you the option to change your sound from CHORUS/VIBRATO to  VIBRATO/FLANGE. The switch acts as a filter to give you variations in sound rather than giving you proper Vibrato and Flange.

This pedal was made popular by Peter Hook (of Joy Division and subsequently New Order) and defined the sound of a large chunk of 80’s new wave music. All the sounds are very thick and rich - the chorus has been described as “edgy” and it’s certainly unique to this pedal.

The sheet metal box is showing its age but everything inside is neat & tidy and appears untouched since new.

This one is a 240 volt version, so no alternate power supply required for Australia.


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