Vintage by JHS AV3 (Les Paul Style) – Korea 2012

by Vintage

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John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd (JHS) are manufacturers and wholesale dealers based in Leeds UK. JHS supply a huge range of electric six-string and bass guitars from brands such as Fret-King, Danelectro, Italia, Vintage, Encore and more.

Vintage electric guitars are designed by JHS in the UK and built to exacting standards using quality hardware, pickups and tone woods.

Edited Review from MusicRadar –

“It's pretty obvious where the design inspiration for the AV1 comes from, and also pretty obvious that even a blind man could tell the difference between this and, of course, the Les Paul.

The slight cutaway on the bass-side of the guitar along with the more pointed horn - part of an agreement that JHS has with Gibson, we understand - seem quite small changes but, boy, they alter the iconic shape, not to mention the upper fret access, dramatically.

Yet shape aside the AV1 still draws heavily on the Les Paul's legacy. And it's very tidily made. There's an added ribcage contour on the back, tidy top binding, and a highly figured top. The neck too has a full 'C' profile that's not over large and very comfortable, the frets sit over the binding for full playing width and it's all really very neat, as are the crown inlays.

The hardware, pickups (based on PAF spec's given to Wilkinson by original designer Seth Lover), controls and toggle switch all look the part.

There are some neat ideas within the control layout. Along with master volume and tone, the third lower control, is called a 'roll control'. When turned fully clockwise it voices the pickups in standard humbucking mode and at the other extreme splits them simultaneously to voice a single coil of both humbuckers.

It's not a new idea - Peavey, for example, used it back in the seventies - but it works very well. The output jack is neat too: a recessed dished metal 'collar' held with two screws.

The chassis jack screws into this collar so there's no protruding nut - so long as it's securely screwed in it's an extremely smart design. And we like the easily accessible fingerboard and the slightly 'longer' feel to the neck.

Sound-wise, it’s not quite as awesomely dark as a pucker Les Paul - this is a bit more Deluxe than Standard. But the sound is good, a little brighter and lighter but that allows some wonderful bell-like tones and an old-school snap.

The roll control is inspired, allowing quick single-coil and generally thinner tones - a little too bright fully split on the bridge pickup but with a little volume reduction, which rounds out the highs, and with both pickups on it's a funkier sound.

In fact, Vintage needs to realise this isn't a Les Paul clone - it's a guitar in its own right. A Les Paul lite with jangle-a-plenty.”

Overall condition is pretty much as new. Some mild tarnishing on the pickup covers only, Apart from that we can’t really see any marks anywhere – and the plastic is still on the rear control covers.

Plays well in all positions with a medium low action. Great tonal variety is possible with judicious use of the roll control.

Comes in a basic gig bag in good condition.


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