SOLD - Victoria 80212 High Powered Twin Combo – USA 2015

by Victoria

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In 1993, Mark Baier set out to faithfully recreate the crown jewels among the many classic amplifiers developed by Leo Fender. The tweed amps of the late 50’s defined the sound of rock and blues on vinyl and on stage, but they had also become increasingly scarce, and well beyond the reach of most working musicians.

Victoria Amplifier is recognised for having succeeded in recapturing the classic sound, design, and American craftsmanship embodied in early Fenders, while offering players a wide range of subtle and sometimes whimsical variations on a theme. Victoria circuits have always been completely faithful to the originals, using the correct capacitors, resistors, transformers, pots, and eyelet boards. Each solid pine cabinet is crafted in the precise manner of those built in the ’50s.

The results speak for themselves, and Victoria amplifiers continue to be acknowledged by players and critics alike as clearly superior in construction, durability, and tone among small-production, custom amplifiers built today at any price.

From Victoria –

“Our rendition of the late '50s 80 watt Twin is a serious amplifier for those who wish their presence on stage to be not only heard, but also felt. The Victoria 80212 will lay down a broad tractor beam of unyielding lows, fat, grab-ass mids, and a screaming high end that will linger in your ears for days. We're not kidding... this amp roars !!!”


All hand-wired, all USA built
Output: 80 watts
Circuit Design: 5F8A
Class A/B Adjustable Fixed Bias, Push/Pull Operation
Tube Configuration: 1 x 5AR4, 4 x 6L6GC, 2 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AY7
Speakers: Two American Made 12" Eminence
Dimensions: 19.25" x 26.75" x 10.5" 

This is one serious amplifier, not at all for the faint of heart ! The 80212 is an amp for those who wish their presence on stage to be not only heard, but also felt. You want loud and clean? Here it is.

Notable artists regularly using a Victoria 80212 include Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day, Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones and jazz/funk giant John Scofield.

This amp is in very good condition. It has been used and shows some minor scuffs and wear but nothing offensive. There are no tears in the tweed or grille cloth, just some marks here and there.

It appears to have had no changes or modifications, and is still carrying its original 110v power transformer. So luckily the owner of this one has included a quality step down unit which you’ll need for use in Oz.

As with all Victoria Amplifiers, Mr Baier has spared no expense designing the 80212 to accurately deliver the sound of a vintage Tweed Twin, but with more headroom & great speakers. The harmonic overtones work with the pine cab to fill out each note and chords in a way only great classic tweeds can. 

Great sounding amp in good condition and ready to rock.


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