SOLD - Steinberger XM-2D Bass – USA 1991

by Steinberger

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Ned Steinberger produced his first headless bass in early 1978, built entirely out of wood. Displeased with the end result due to the conventional “dead spots” on the neck (sympathetic vibrations in the long neck cancel out some fundamentals), Steinberger took the instrument and covered it in fibreglass. His previous use of stiff reinforcing fibres in furniture making and boat building did not prepare him for the surprisingly improved tone and sustain the covered bass generated.

Later in 1978, Steinberger continued to experiment with graphite. Actually, the material is a molded epoxy resin that is strengthened by carbon and glass fibres. This formed material, also popular in boat hulls, is said to have twice the density and ten times the stiffness of wood, and to be stronger and lighter than steel.

Steinberger basses are known for their innovative design and great playability. The XM2 bass was made with design input from Mike Rutherford of Genesis, who championed the 6 string version as well as the basses.

From the Steinberger serial number database we believe this XM-2D to be from around 1991. The “D” variation means that it has the Steinberger DB Bridge System, first introduced in 1988 and discontinued in 1995.

Officially referred to as the “DB Bridge System” it has all of the same features of the standard Steinberger 4 string bridge (tuners, saddles, etc.) but adds one feature to the E string – a detuning lever.  With a flip of this lever you can instantly lower the tuning from E down to Eb, D, or anywhere down to low B.  A fine tuner allows this detuned note to be precisely set. And it still works perfectly.

For traveling musicians, the XT-2D is the ultimate travel bass. At 38.5” long and only 7.5 lbs, its ergonomic design makes it easy to take anywhere.

This pre-owned XM-2D bass features a wooden double cutaway body in all white finish, with a bolt-on graphite neck with 24 frets, and active EMG pickups. The only non original part is the string claw on the D string, which is a new replacement piece sourced from USA and installed by Premier Guitars.


This Steiny is in excellent condition, especially given its 20 year history. It has some light scratching on the rear control plate over, but none on the body – back or front.

There are no dings or dents, and the neck is strong as a rock with all 24 frets in as new condition. Everything works perfectly mechanically and electronically. And does it sound good – why yes!  Huge versatility from the EMG pickups and active electronics. Virtually every sound you need is achievable.

Comes in original Steinberger gig bag with factory warranty papers and bridge-tuner instructions.


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