SOLD - Quilter Overdrive 200 Amp & BlockDock 10TC Cabinet – 2019

by Quilter

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Pat Quilter made a name for himself in amplification many years ago via his respected QSC amps used primarily in large AV installations and concert PA systems. Some years ago he took on the challenge of applying his extensive design experience to the goal of creating a great sounding guitar amp, without valves. This amp is one of the results of that quest – the Quilter Overdrive 200

This is a super compact solid state guitar amp that sounds really good - great actually.

Back in the 70s I remember being enchanted by a USA made Acoustic brand 100 watt solid state guitar amp. I loved the story they pitched about clean sound, no distortion and reliability. So I saved up my hard-earned, ordered the beast and waited for an eternity before the gleaming prize arrived. But after 6 months of battling, I finally realised that I couldn’t get anything like the sound I wanted from this damn thing. What was I to know – I was 18.

What I needed to know was that tubes and the way they behaved were the essential ingredients required for the sound of Clapton, Hendrix, Townsend etc. And there were no tubes in that Acoustic 100.

Throughout the 70s many brands worked hard to recreate that valve sound using solid state circuitry, and none of them actually accomplished it. There were hybrids (Music Man & others) that were good, but nothing 100% valve free that really worked – until now.

From Quilter –

The Overdrive 200 is inspired by legendary and almost unobtainable amplifiers, bringing an iconic overdrive sound within reach of the average musician. The dynamic 200 watt Quilter Tone Block power section is combined with a traditional “Tone Stack” EQ section to form a classic clean channel, along with multiple switchable drive sections providing several explosive overdriven tones.

Versatile & Compact: For the first time we managed to house four distinct tones in our popular Block style enclosure.

Clean Channel:

The big brother to our 101 Reverb. “Tone Stack” EQ section married with an active Mid control for a wide range of high headroom clean tone. The clean channel uses the classic "tone stack" EQ circuit that has propagated down though almost every tube amp from the 60's onwards. An active Mid provides stronger response than the usual passive mid control.

Crunch Channel: A preset Mid Scoop is engaged for a tight mid-gain tone. EQ controls are defeated and the Drive Channel’s Gain and Output are activated so desired saturation and volume balance can be easily achieved. The Crunch overdrive is a chiming "surfy" California "clean overdrive"

Lead Channel: The Lead Channel shares the EQ setting with the Clean Channel so to not have a dramatic shift in tone between voicings. The gain structure is based on rare and collectable early cascading gain stage amplifiers. The Gain and Output controls also become active and is balanced with Crunch Channel. The Lead overdrive applies more gain with post-overdrive EQ adjustment. If you are looking for that classic Dumble style tone but don't want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, this amp is for you.

Bonus: Lead + Crunch

Engaging both the Lead and Crunch channel delivers the high gain tone of the Lead Channel and removes the EQ from the circuit for an unrefined heavy tone.

Footswitch: The Overdrive 200 accepts a standard two position footswitch with or without LED’s. In the interest of saving you money we have decided to not offer a Quilter branded footswitch. Generic footswitches are widely available at music stores around the world. We have included an adhesive label with every Overdrive 200 so that you can label your own.

Quilter Overdrive 200 Dynamic 200 Watts Head Features:

200 watts of power - 4 to 8 Ohms

Two Channels, 4 modes

Clean channel: Gain & Output

Dirt channel: Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, & Master controls

1/4" high impedance input jack

Effects Loop: 1/4" Send and Return jacks

1/4" Headphone jack for quiet practice

Dual 1/4" speaker outputs for variable loads 16 to 4 ohms

Locking IEC power cable

Universal power supply – automatically works anywhere in the world

Ultra compact (roughly the size of a double wide effects pedal)

Dimensions - 3.15" (80mm) x 8.5" (216mm) x 5.8" (147mm)

For even more detailed info see -

While you can use the Tone Block 202 without a speaker cabinet thanks to the onboard cab simulator, this package includes the designed Quilter BlockDock 10TC cabinet as well.

Weighing in at only 15 pounds (6.8 kg) it is the perfect compact companion for your favourite 101-series or 200-series amplifier head. The 10-inch, 100W driver has a bright chiming tone, and is front mounted in a one-piece light-ply cabinet for rugged rattle-free performance. The dual-angle cabinet fires forward or rocks back for close-up monitoring,

The weight-optimized Celestion TF-1018 is a bigger version of Quilter’s widely acclaimed MicroPro 8-inch speaker, with the same big clear sound. Pairs best with a 101 series head, but it can also accept a 200W head with suitably reduced Master volume.

And most cleverly, the amp can either sit happily on top of the cab, or can be loaded snuggly into the rear pocket mounting compartment which is specifically designed to house both the Quilter 100 and 200 series amp heads.

The driver is front-mounted to the integral baffle for clear projection, with rigid one-piece pro-audio cabinet construction. The sturdy nylon-weave grille cloth frame mounts with velcro and can be removed to access the driver. The well-braced BlockDock minimizes vibration, and rubber feet, cushioned strap handle, and plated corners assure safe transport.

Since 2011 Quilter amps have been favoured by archtop / jazz players who have been using similar rigs like Polytones, Henriksen and Roland JC amps, but this one trumps them all.

But it seriously works for more than jazz. The clever overdrive circuitry actually works extremely well. We have tested it side by side with traditional all tube amps, and you’d (almost) need a blindfold test to tell the difference.

This is a most impressive amp with serious tone, power, versatility, and super light weight – only 17 pounds total. It is the epitome of big tone in a small package.

Both the amp and cabinet are in absolutely brand new condition - no marks anywhere, and ready to roll at a significant discount.

Comes with its Quilter nylon slip covers with zippered pocket, special power lead, owner’s manual and a shoulder carry strap.

Video demo -



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