Marshall C5H Amp Head & C 110 Cabinet – UK 2010

by Marshall

$1,095.00 21180

From Marshall UK -

“Due to popular demand, Marshall is proud to present the Class5 in a super-portable head format. For those who want a Class5 to plug into the matched C110 extension cab or the cabinet of their choice, the C5H head offers the ultimate plug-and-play, all-tube solution. This single-ended Class A mini monster is the closest thing you will get to a mini Plexi in feel and style.

The C5H head features five watts of all-tube power and true Class A circuitry from input to output, delivering pure, vintage Marshall tone. As with the original Class5 combo, the C5H head aims to answer your low-wattage, big-tone prayers. 5W of EL84 power and a simple control set of Volume, Bass, Middle, and Treble are the Class5 head's secret weapons. In return for minimal amp circuitry you receive genuine Class A tone, widely regarded as the purest in amp design and rich in smooth, second-harmonic distortion.

The C5H's all-tube signal path offers a wealth of untainted analog tones, with sparkling cleans, full-bodied crunch, and glorious lead tones just a dial turn away. The C5H also responds naturally to playing dynamics and on-the-fly guitar control adjustments, making for a truly interactive playing experience.

All of this amazing Class A tone and low wattage make the C5H head the ideal studio/home amplifier. While tone purists can enjoy its authentic all-tube timbre, pedal fanatics and studio engineers alike will find the Class5 provides the perfect sonic foundation on which to build their sound.

The C5H's rear panel offers outputs for both 8- and 16-ohm extension cabs, plus a handy headphone socket for late-night practicing. Aesthetically, the Class5 head goes back to basics with cool vintage styling with Marshall's archetypal gold panel/black levant livery.”

Features -
• 5 watts
• One channel
• Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble controls
• All-tube signal path
• 2 ECC83 preamp tubes
• EL84 power tube

This amp is being sold with its matching Marshall C110 1x10 speaker cabinet, with an upgraded, even better speaker.

Features –

  • Birch plywood construction makes this cabinet ultra-rugged
  • 16 Ohm impedance makes it a good match for virtually any low-wattage amp
  • Small size and weight make it an ideal part of your gigging rig
  • Semi-open back means a more open and lively sound than closed-back cabinets
  • Perfect match for the Class5 HD amp head!

In this cab, the original Celestion G10N speaker has been replaced with a high spec UK made Celestion G10 30 watt Greenback. The original G10N speaker is included in the sale.

Also from Marshall –

“Made from 12mm birch plywood with 18mm finger joints, the Class5 C110 is built to last by the amp pros at Marshall UK. The Class5 C110's semi-open back gives this cabinet a lively, open sound in a small package - perfect for smaller studios that need huge tone without the deafening volume of a giant stack. No matter what amp you pair it with, the Marshall Class5 C110 extension cabinet is your gateway to epic tones. Forget the stack, crank up the Class5 C110!”

Both the amp head and cab are in excellent, as new condition. They have been in a home studio setting since new, and never been out of the house. It is a great sounding rig, and perfect for those vintage Marshall tones without annoying the neighbours.

Video demo of C5H Amp Head -


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