SOLD - Marshall Vintage Modern 2266 50 Watt Valve Amp Head – UK 2007

by Marshall

$1,195.00 19177


From Marshall –

“The Marshall 2266 50 Watt Head is an all-valve single channel amplifier with a choice of two ‘dynamic ranges’ selectable by footswitch. The Low range equates to the performance you would come to expect from a stock vintage Marshall amplifier in terms of tone and available gain. The High range adds an extra preamp valve into the signal path, facilitating those classic hard rock tones of the seventies. Add to this, the ability to dynamically interface with your instrument’s Volume and Tone controls and the experience translates into a truly expressive and organic feel in performance.

Two ‘frequency selective’ Pre-amp Volumes (Gains) – Body and Detail – facilitate greater flexibility of tonal shaping for individual guitars and styles while the power amplifier is heavily based on the first Marshall amplifiers to be produced, with two KT66 output valves yielding that substantial fat and smooth tone. A Mid Boost switch on the front panel fattens the tone even more while a traditional Marshall tone control circuit enables fine tuning of your sound.

A master volume has been included in order to practically manage the output levels at all venues. This is implemented after the ‘phase splitter’ in order to fully exploit maximum preamp drive when the master is turned down low. A reverb level control mixes the on board ‘plate’ reverb with the direct signal to whatever degree the player chooses. The reverb can be toggled on and off via the footswitch.

Finally, a series FX loop is provided for those players who wish to use outboard effects to further enhance their sound. Loop levels of -10dB and +4dB are catered for via a rear panel switch as well as the option to completely bypass this feature if it is not required.”

Features –

  • 50 watt (RMS) output
  • 4 x ECC83 pre-amp valves
  • 2 x KT66 power amp valves
  • Purple LED mains indicator light
  • Blue and white dynamic range indicator LEDs
  • Subtle purple covering
  • Dimensions (mm): 750 x 310 x 230
  • Weight 18 Kg
  • PEDL-00041 Footswitch included

This is a nicely looked after Marshall all valve 50 watt amp head with a big fat Brit sound, in keeping with all your Marshall expectations. It is easy to dial up that classic British crunch, and then send it into dripping overdrive with some subtle presets all controlled via a functional footswitch which is included.

It is finished in a deep dark purple tolex, so dark it initially appears to be classic black, but under closer scrutiny is indeed a rich and more interesting colour. It has a few marks and light scuffs, and two minor tears on the back which could be easily re-glued. Front and back metal panels are clean and everything works as it should – and very well.


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