SOLD - Lovetone Doppelganger – UK 1990s

by Lovetone

$995.00 18098


From Lovetone –

‘The DOPPELGANGER is a mesmerising twin oscillator phaser/vibrato but being in the grand Lovetone tradition it offers a whole range of classic (and non-classic!) uses never previously available in one unit. Its trademark is an unparalleled purity and transparency of tone and harmonic richness making it a real texture machine.’ 

It covers the whole spectrum from mellow and virtually subliminal, to Hendrix-esque, to crunchy and chomping (reminiscent of the ubiquitous 70’s phase sound), to swirling rotary-type fx.

On more subtle settings, especially in vibrato mode, it gives movement and life to the sound without discernible processing and because it sounds so natural you can almost forget its there – until you switch it off !

In less introverted moments it can warp sounds into multi-dimensional knots or whip up squeals and harmonics into a frenzy.

Vibrato mode has a very vibraphone-like modulation and is great for adding a subtle mood to your tone.

Overview –

* Two LFO’s with Pedal facility for each
* Span (depth) controls for low and high frequencies
(which can either be driven individually by two LFO’s or together by LFO 1)
* LED’s showing filter status
* Colour (resonance) control
* Blend control
* LFO 1/Dual LFO mode foot switch
* Phase/Vibrato foot switch
* True and Spectral (filtered) bypass modes NEW

Additional features specific to this most current iteration of the Doppelganger –

* Switch for ultra slow LFO 1
* Square wave option on LFO 1
* Direct out – for spatial stereo fx

Click here to check out the latest sounds (square wave demoed on samples 2, 3 and 5). Please note some samples use distortion – this is not included on the Doppelganger.

Here’s the link to the mp3 sample site as mentioned above -

This boutique analogue pedal is a great representation of the kind of quality of build and tone synonymous with the UK based Lovetone company. While being a tasteful addition to colour your guitar sound, it also works really well as a studio tool for Rhodes, synths etc and can be used for that very particular and unique keyboard sound you’re looking for. It’s also had the tick of approval by being used by U2’s The Edge.

This one is in fantastic condition structurally and electronically with only a few aesthetic scratches on the casing.

Here’s a link to a demonstration and breakdown of the Lovetone Doppelgänger – please note that this video features the version of the pedal without the additional features as mentioned above however all sounds, tones and features shown here are also available on this one for sale through Premier Guitars.



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