SOLD - Fulltone Tube Tape Echo TTE Version 6 – USA 2012

by Fulltone

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From Fulltone – 

“What do Jeff Beck, Keith Richards, John Mayer, Robert Plant, Vance Powell, Tom Petty, Buddy Miller, Jack White, Dan Auerbach, TBone Burnette, all have in common? 

They all rely on the Fulltone TTE for part of their sound.

Fulltone Tape echoes are the best sounding and feeling echo devices you will ever play through, and if you buy one I bet that you will own it for the rest of your life. It's not easy or cheap hand-building Tape Echoes in the USA, in California, none the less. It is an intense labor of love and a source of pride because honestly no one else can do it but me...or they would.

The Fulltone TubeTapeEcho is quite literally what would happen if you took a vintage EP-2 Echoplex and -

  • ran the preamp at over 200 volts
  • put better heads on it
  • improved the tape transport
  • gave it 2 tape speeds
  • put better quality tape on it
  • installed an intelligent torque (and speed) adjusting DC powered transport motor
  • got rid of the hum by running the filaments on 12VDC
  • made it stereo
  • gave it true bypass
  • got rid of the Ep-2's sound-robbing Echo Cancel feature and replaced it with a relay-activated cancel function allowing for any cable length to the footswitch with no degradation to the sound of the repeats
  • gave it a separate Instrument and Echo volume control
  • and put a tone control on it affecting only the repeats”

The Tube Tape Echo (TTE) is exactly what its name implies - a tube-based tape-delay system. The Fulltone TTE v.6 is Fulltone’s updated recreation of the Echoplex. And it works, very well.

The beige Tolex and stainless steel unit is retro in look and would sit perfectly on top of any vintage guitar amp.

Controls allow you to change the tape speed, adjust the amount of dry and wet signal individually, add regeneration (repeats), set tape record level, and change tape return tone. And there's a footswitch jack for hands-free use.

Delay time goes from a tiny slapback to almost 2 seconds. The playback head slides along a rail, like old Echoplexes, allowing you to quickly set the delay time and also create some crazy wobble effects.

Fulltone has the tape heads custom built, and interestingly, the erase and record heads are mounted in the same body. And there's a switch that allows different blends of the two outputs for use with two amps.

This TTE v.6 is in perfect as new condition. Its one owner bought it new five years ago and it has only ever been used in a home studio setting.  There is a bunch of extras included in this package – the Fulltone cancel footswitch, snug fitting Glove cover, owner’s manual, and 2 new spare tapes. The extras add up to around $300.

A modern classic echo unit that will out-deliver any other Echoplex clone, in mint condition and ready to shine in your studio or onstage … one day when gigs happen again !

Demo of same model here -


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