Fender Tele Partscaster - Original ’72 Neck With USA Body – 1972 / 2020

by Fender

$1,895.00 20312

This is a unique players' vintage Custom Telecaster, equal parts mojo and mystery. It features an early seventies Fender neck with original tuners paired with a high end swamp ash body finished in vintage butterscotch nitro lacquer.

Here’s what we know -

  • The Fender neck dates to '72 and sports a medium C profile.
  • The body is from Real Life Relics of Winchester California, custom ordered direct from USA, who provided the nitro finish and heavy relic treatment you can see in the pics. Real Life Relics is a very well regarded American custom parts manufacturer specialising in aged 100% thin nitro lacquer finishes. Check out - https://trickedoutguitar.com/real-life-relics/
  • The pickups are a set of great sounding Seymor Duncan Broadcaster units
  • Neck plate is Fender replica.
  • Tuners are the original F stamped closed back units that came with the ’72 neck
  • It has a beautiful soldering job with NOS capacitor, high quality new pots & 3 way switch on a period correct repro guard.
  • The bridge is a vintage Fender Tele repro unit with 3 brass saddles
  • Weight is 6.8 lbs

This player’s guitar takes the best features of early classic Tele design and combines them in a unique package that feels & sounds fantastic, and is built to play. The relic butterscotch body is pure Blackguard vibe, while the two Duncan Broadcaster pickups are spankin’ bright and gritty in all the right ways. And at a flyaway 6.8 lbs this is a light and lively guitar to play

Though it's a combination of vintage original, replacement, and replica parts, it all adds up to a truly fine guitar which plays beautifully and sounds like a vintage Tele without breaking the bank.

You could opt for a modern relic or roadworn guitar, but this neck has the feel of a 45+ year old instrument, the pickups are accurate replicas of Fender’s original Broadcaster, the bridge is vintage relic repro, and the vibe is definitely old school classic Fender.

Comes as it is – without a case.


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