SOLD - Fender Tele Custom Partscaster – USA 1987 ?

by Fender

$1,895.00 21071


This is an unusual beast. It’s a Tele Custom made up of quality parts from various sources … but it works, very well.

Here’s the story –

The neck is a genuine Fender Telecaster neck we think from the mid 80s. It features a slim C carve from that period, and it is stamped “FRR 20” and “J. Torres”. And we know Mr Torres worked at Fender during the 1970s & 80s. The base of the neck is stamped “VINTAGE”.

It is a nicely crafted solid maple neck with maple cap fingerboard, black dot inlays and rear skunk stripe. It features 21 medium jumbo frets in good condition – just a little wear showing on frets 2 & 3, but plenty of life left. The tuners are vintage style, but not Fender.

We do not know the origin of the body, but it is not Fender. It is double bound and finished in a nice 3 colour sunburst. However, it is 40mm thick which is definitely less than Fender’s standard 43mm Tele body. We think the body could be from a high end Tokai or another Japanese brand from the era.

The neck pickup appears to be a Fender and it is stamped "87" – and that is another indication of this guitar’s origin being around 1987. The bridge pickup is a Seymour Duncan - an Antiquity we think. Both pickups sound excellent.

The neck plate is stamped with an L series number but it is definitely a replica.

The controls are good quality but the switch tip is from a Strat. Both pickup cavities have been painted with (graphite ?) shielding paint.

The wiring is well done and includes a treble bleed capacitor so high end is retained when volume is reduced.

So all in all, this is a nice Tele Custom with a great maple neck. It has been put together by a knowledgeable person a long time ago, using quality components.

And yes, it is a partscaster but it is a mighty good one.

So if you are looking for great playing Tele Custom with a vintage vibe but not the price tag, check this one out.

Comes in a quality tweed hard case in good condition.


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