SOLD - Fender Super Amp – Brownface 6G4 – USA 1963

by Fender

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Originally released in the 1948, the Fender Super Amp was the company’s first multi-speaker amplifier, originally named the “Dual Professional” before becoming the Super Amp in 1950. In 1960, the Super Amp went through a major overhaul both in circuitry and cosmetics. The Brownface era amps of the early 1960s featured electronics which are essentially the same as the Concert Amp, Pro, and Bandmaster but with a tube rectifier.

A direct descendant of the Tweed era Super amp, this 1963 Brownface example delivers hi-fi clarity and sparkling, robust clean tones. Turning the amp up past 5 on the volume dial yields thick, chewy overdrive with great touch-sensitive responsiveness and EQ controls that have an incredibly wide sweep.

The circuit is the sought after 6G4, and is very original, with a few replacement caps and an updated 240v power transformer. The tube chart reflects the applicable date codes, with an “MK” stamp that translates to November of 1963.

And this is the most compact Brownface era amp to feature the “Harmonic Vibrato” circuit. A true pitch shifting vibrato (not the tremolo found on most Fender amps), the Harmonic Vibrato sound has a thick, Leslie-esque throb and warble, with a three-dimensional quality and depth that is perfectly suited to the speaker compliment and cabinet size. Whether you want a slow, undulating swampy sound or faster, pulsating vibrato, this Super delivers the goods.

Features –
Make: Fender
Model: 6G4-A Super Amp
Year: 1963
Watts: 40
Controls: Normal: In, In, Vol, Treb, Bass – Bright: In, In, Vol, Treb, Bass, Speed, Intensity – Presence
Standby switch: Yes
Inputs: 2 on Normal 2 on Vibrato
Tubes: 12ax7 x6, 5881×2, GZ34 or 5AR4
Original Speakers: 2×10 Custom Fender design Oxford 10K5 speakers
Impedance: 8
Extension speaker Jack: Yes
Weight: 47 lbs
Cabinet Dimensions: 18 x 24 x 10½”

The speakers on this one are a pair of excellent sounding Weber 10A125 10” units, which work brilliantly with this circuit.

The brown tolex is intact and in good shape on both the cabinet and back panels. The grill is the original early ’60s wheat cloth in great condition.

All hardware is stock and accounted for including the brown plastic dogbone handle, corners, sphinx glides (feet), and flat Fender logo on the amp’s face.

This Super Amp has been serviced by Sydney amp guru Martin Kell, which means it is working to its full potential. It has come from the studio of a well known Sydney producer, and rarely been out of its very controlled environment.

Fender Brownies in general are sometimes under-rated. But this Super Amp is a killer sounding amp. Not too loud, but loud enough. Dial up 5 for awesome crunch, and extreme touch sensitivity.

This is a definitive classic Fender amp, freshly tested and serviced, and ready for the stage or studio for another 50 years.


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