Fender Princeton Chorus Combo – USA 1988

by Fender

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The Fender Princeton Chorus guitar amplifier is a versatile and well featured little all-rounder, proudly badged as 'Made in the USA'. At a modest 25 Watts RMS this solid state guitar amplifier is a good choice for small venues, studio or home. This amp can provide everything from a sweet stereo chorus to a tasty rock lead guitar sound without the need for effects pedals. All in a sturdy, compact and relatively easy to transport package.

Note: There are several Fender amps named Princeton Chorus. This article is about the one with black (not red) knobs, and without DSP.

This amp works well with single coil or humbucker equipped guitars largely due to the Princeton Chorus having a relatively simple but very flexible electronic design. It allows a guitarist plenty of scope to adjust their sound without getting bogged down with too many confusing controls and endless tweaking.

The amp works fine with effects pedals or just on its own. The built-in Overdrive, Chorus and Spring Reverb offer an excellent range of sounds. For what it's worth, when using the Overdrive, the Fender Princeton Chorus comes about as close to a tube sound as a solid state amplifier is likely to get.

Note however, that this particular amp is the 'all analogue' version – ie no Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Features –

•  INPUT 1 only - 1 meg Ohm
•  INPUT 2 - 131k Ohm

Tone Controls:
   Bass, Mid, Treble

Onboard Effects:
•  Overdrive: with Gain, Mid Boost (switched)
    Limiter and Presence control
•  Chorus - Analogue / MN3101 (BBD) (switched)
•  Reverb - 3 Spring / Mechanical

Footswitch for Overdrive and Chorus

Mono Effects Loop:
•  Nominal Level: -10dBv
•  Send Output Impedance: 1kΩ
•  Return Input Impedance: 25kΩ

Stereo Effects Loop:
•  Nominal Level: -10dBv.
•  Send Output Impedance: 1kΩ
•  Return Input Impedance: 150kΩ
Specifications are for each channel. 6mm Stereo Jack Wiring: Left on Tip, Right on Ring, Gnd on Sleeve.

Headphones Output:
•  Stereo 6mm (1/4") Phone Plug

Power Output:
   25.5 Watts RMS

Rated Load Impedance:
   8Ω per channel

Speaker Compliment:
   2 x 8Ω Fender Special Design
   250mm (10") speakers (PN: 029753)

Power Requirements:
   AUS - 240VAC 50Hz
   US - 120VAC 60 Hz
   1.2 Amps Max., 145 Watts Max

Physical Dimensions:
•  Height: 44cm (17-1/2”)
•  Width: 57cm (22-3/8”)
•  Depth: 26 cm (10-3/16”)
•  Weight: 17.2 kg (38 lbs.)

This amp is in excellent condition – amazing really for a 30+ year old amp. It has not been changed, modified or meddled with in any way. It just works well and has never missed a beat since new. It delivers sweet Fender tones at every level of volume – and quite serious overdrive with the onboard controls.

This Fender Princeton Chorus is definitely a workhorse amp and not a show pony. Definitely worth considering at this price point – reliability and versatility for not a lot of $$$

Comes with its original footswitch and owners manual.


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