SOLD - Fender MIJ Telecaster Toploader – Japan 1990s

by Fender

$995.00 17086


This is a well built Japanese made Fender Tele with a toploader bridge. This means that instead of the strings being threaded through from the underside of the body as per standard Telecasters, the strings on this one are fitted through the rear of the bridge.

Starting in late 1958, Fender introduced a combined bridge/tailpiece with three threaded steel saddles and strings terminating at the ridge on the back of the base plate rather than going through the body. This reverted back to the “string through body” setup in 1960.

While string through body Teles are the norm, the rare original top loader versions have quite a following. Enthusiasts say they have more pop & bite to the tone, and slightly less string tension which some players prefer.

An interesting side note: Many fans marvel at how Jimmy Page got such a big beefy tone from a Telecaster in the early Zep days. Jimmy’s Tele (the Dragon tele) is a 59 Telecaster, but if you look at photos you’ll find that Jimmy set it up as a top loader. It did have string pockets in the back and was made for string-through-body, but close up photos show that Jimmy did string that guitar as a top loader.

Features –

21 original frets in excellent condition.

Black dot position markers.

Two standard Fender string trees.

Four-bolt neck plate

Two very spanky single coil pickups

Master volume & tone controls

3 way switch with black plastic tip

Place of manufacture: Fuji-Gen Factory, Japan

Neck Shape: Medium C Shape Profile

Fingerboard: Maple

Fret Condition: Virtually no fret wear

Weight: 7.4 pounds

This is a good example of a nice Japanese made toploader Telecaster. The guitar sounds and plays just fine. Frets are good, intonation has been set perfectly, tuners and truss rod work properly. A well priced alternative to its Fender USA brethren.

Comes in non original hard case in reasonable condition.


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