Bad Cat Cub II Reverb 1 x 12” Combo – USA 2014

by Bad Cat

$1,995.00 20124

From Bad Cat –

“Bad Cat takes a 'no compromise' approach when designing and producing amplifiers. Our goal in each classic style, hand built amplifier is to achieve great tone and sturdy construction. Bad Cat Amplifiers are designed and built entirely in Southern California. Each step of this process is where the quest for perfection really begins. Our team gets really excited about what sets Bad Cat apart. We call it the ‘Bad Cat Difference’. Meticulously paying attention to each component affecting the sound and performance of our amplifiers is a journey we love to undertake every day. Our users benefit from our passion every time they plug in and crank up their favourite Bad Cat amp. Since we also play what we build, it is truly gratifying for the Bad Cat Team to be a part of bringing each product to light.”

Bad Cat have been making professional-level, hand-wired, boutique amps in the USA since 2000, building a reputation for their high build and sound quality. The Black Cat Cub II R Combo is no exception, offering 2 channels of bright, direct, and punchy tone.

Sound -

The Cub II gets much of its tonal characteristics from the EL84 power valves. EL84s are commonly associated with bright, British-style chime - a focused and clear sound with a tightness that sounds great when overdriven. The EL84s in the Cub II help deliver sounds from bell-like cleans to aggressive grit. This amp also features built-in reverb for adding a little extra life to your sound. Whatever tone you prefer, the Bad Cat proprietary speaker will keep it sounding crisp.

Functionality -

The Cub II has the standard volume, bass, treble, and reverb controls you expect to find on an amp but also has some added functionality. A unique feature is the 5-way tone switch. This switch allows you to swap between distinct preset tones - great if you need to change your tone quickly between songs without having to fiddle with several controls. Additionally, there's a master volume control that you can switch in and out of the circuit.

On the rear of the amp is a Full/Half power switch; use full power if you need high headroom and the full 15-watts of power, or drop it down it to half-power and get saturated valve tone at a lower volume. There's an onboard FX loop which allows you to place certain effects (usually modulation) in between the preamp and power amp sections of the amp - especially useful if you like amp distortion but don't want to distort your modulation effects.

Carefully refined since its debut in 2000 with some subtle improvements from the early classic circuits. Perhaps now it's one of the finest amplifiers of its type. Fifteen watts of pure chime! Syrupy, sweet with the sheen of crystal highs. Low end that is warm and tight. Switch from the bass and treble control to the five-way tone selector and get a nice thick mid-range punch that will cut through any live band.

Having a master volume that can be switched in or out of the circuit is very handy. This combined with a half power switch will assist in getting your sound at small-venue-friendly volumes. Soft breakup is where this amp leaves many others behind. The touch sensitivity allows you to go from shimmer to grind with the touch of a pick. This amp delivers beautiful & complex tones.

The Cub II is at home with single or double coil guitars. The Cub II has been seen on some of the largest stages in the world. Favoured by diverse artists like Maroon 5, Keith Urban, Slipknot, Arctic Monkeys, and Taylor Swift’s band, Bad Cat has become renowned for its high quality build and impressive hand-wiring. Using old-school building techniques coupled with modern materials and a broad foundation of knowledge, Bad Cat has successfully created a line of tube amplifiers sought after by professional worldwide.

This one is in excellent original condition. It was bought new in Australia by its one owner in 2014 and has its original 240v transformer. It has not been changed or modified in any way. Used primarily in a church band and home studio & well taken care of.

It sounds ridiculously good. This is a punchy, small amp that delivers a big fat sound with dial-in harmonic complexity, total reliability, lots of flexibility and gorgeous tone. Not to be confused with the Bad Cat Cougar range, which are designed in USA but built in Asia (and actually sound great), this made-in-USA amp comes from the original Bad Cat factory in California, with all the pedigree of a modern classic, 21st century boutique guitar amp.

Comes with pre-ship inspection tags, operation manual, transferable lifetime warranty, and black vinyl cover in good condition.


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