SOLD - Vox AC15HW1x Handwired 15 Watt Combo – 2019

by Vox

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From Vox -

“The 15-watt Vox AC15HW1X hand wired combo guitar amplifier transports you through the golden age of Vox tone. A retro oxblood grill cover and vintage fawn-coloured vinyl over a birch plywood cabinet gives the AC15HW1X classic style and sound.

It's a traditional 2-channel design, with both a top boost channel that has a hot/cool switch and a normal channel that has a bright switch. At its heart, the AC15HW1X sports a painstakingly hand wired turret board assembly containing three ECC83/12AX7 preamp tubes, a pair of EL84 power tubes, and a EZ81 rectifier tube - all of which are matched Ruby Tubes, which provide impeccable tone and extended dynamic range.

An amazing 12" Celestion Alnico Blue speaker gives you the vintage mellow-yet-bright tone you hear on some of the best rock recordings ever made. An OP mode switch lets you cut the output power level in half, which also makes the AC15HW1X an excellent recording/practice amp.”

Features -

  • 15-watt power output (8 and 16 ohms)
  • Hand wired turret board construction
  • Birch plywood cabinet features solid bracing and a natural high-frequency diffuser
  • All-tube design
  • 1 x 12" Alnico Blue Speaker
  • 3 x ECC83/12AX7 preamp tubes, 2 x EL84 power tubes, and 1 x EZ81 rectifier tube
  • Fitted with matched Ruby Tubes for extended dynamic range
  • Traditional VOX 2-channel design
  • High and low inputs for each channel
  • Normal channel provides an additional bright switch
  • Top boost channel provides a hot/cool switch to achieve even more gain
  • Master volume/bypass switch completely bypasses the master volume section
  • OP mode switch cuts the output power level in half
  • Vintage fawn-coloured vinyl, reminiscent of the 1960s classic AC30
  • 2 x 1/4" output jacks for extension cabinets
  • Included VFS1 footswitch controls the top boost channel's hot/cool switch
  • Premium, custom-fit dust cover included
  • Height:           21.65"
  • Width:            24.02"
  • Depth:           10.24"
  • Weight:          48.9 lbs.

Outwardly, these newer Handwireds differ from 2007's model with a modern take on the fawn Rexine vinyl that was first introduced in 1960, complete with diamond lattice grille cloth.

Cabinets are birch ply and the whole thing is finished to a very high standard, with an unmistakable nostalgic vibe.

On the inside things have moved on from the 2007 hybrid hand-wired/PCB amps. These made-in-Vietnam ACs have a more traditional approach derived from Dick Denney and Derek Underwood's chassis design of 1960. So, we have a meticulous turret board for the electronics, then chassis-mounted pots, transformers and valve bases.

There's no EF86-powered channel here - Vox has chosen two ECC83 (12AX7) channels, Normal and Top Boost, leaving out the vibrato and reverb options of other AC-series amps.

And here's where the fun starts - the Normal channel has a switchable bright function, while the Top Boost channel offers foot-switchable 'hot' and 'cool' modes for more and less overdrive respectively.

Vox says the hot mode bypasses the tone circuitry for 'richer gain'. The master section employs Vox's familiar tone cut control - things get darker as you turn it clockwise - and a master volume.

Neatly, you can bypass the master if you want maximum headroom from either channel, or alternatively switch it in if you want more driving sounds at lower volumes. Traditionalists will baulk at its very inclusion but, like Matchless' switchable master volume, it's extremely well designed and makes these amps usable in the real world of small gigs.

We should also mention the much higher quality metal mini switches used for the additional functions, compared with the 2007 amp's plastic sliders - one of many improvements in overall quality.

This amp also features a half-power switch, so you can choose 7.5 or 15 watts output.

This amp was bought new less than a year ago and it remains in perfect, as new condition. It was used at one birthday party gig and has been stored in its nice black Vox cover ever since.

This Vox AC15HW1x is loud & sparkling with a sweet sharp edge when you drive it. The list of desirable features - dynamic range, great touch response, hand-wiring, cathode biasing, no negative feedback, Blue speaker - is a potent mix and instantly reminiscent of classic Voxes of days gone by, without the price tag or excess weight !

 Comes in its Vox branded vinyl cover in new condition.

Video demo -



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