We have large and growing database of buyers and collectors who receive regular updates from us, and we receive a consistently increasing number of visits to our site each week.

We have a large showroom in Warriewood, northern Sydney, where potential buyers can try out every instrument or amp we have listed on our website.

We have a dedicated following of well qualified buyers who are genuinely interested in quality instruments.

We advertise in other media targeting an enthusiastic audience of genuine buyers.

We provide a dedicated forum in which to trade high quality instruments at the right price. In fact you, as the owner, set the price before it is listed for sale.

Certain auction and general sales sites seem to attract a “bottom feeder” type of purchaser. Premier Guitars attracts a dedicated audience of genuine buyers who know the value of the goods they are interested in.

We have sold dozens of instruments sight unseen to out-of-town buyers with no returns, so you can trust our descriptions. Please see our Testimonials  page where there are many genuine expressions of gratitude, providing confidence that you are dealing with an ethical company.

Sales commission to Premier Guitars is a flat fee of 20% of the sale price and is payable only when the sale has been completed.

We guarantee to pay the seller the sale price minus commission within 30 days of the buyer’s funds being cleared.

If you are a buyer looking for something special, unique, interesting, exceptional, vintage, collectible, rare, retro, cool, classic, or just weird & wonderful, we will probably have it in stock or know where to find it.

We offer safe storage for your valuable instruments in a purpose built security building with 24/7 monitoring and climate control. Please see our Storage page.